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Please do not talk to me if you love to read one of these books and think it's great:

The secret by Rhonda Byrne
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoi
My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger by Elliot Rodger
(If you elder than 20)My Little Pony: The Friendship Is Magic series

So, anyone thinks I am a mental actually?

Someone told me the top of beauty in final fantasy is Sephiroth, I agreed, but the polls result in Japan is Tifa.

Tifa looks average-looking if compare with Sephiroth for me.

Who looks better? (Welcome for non players to vote...)

Pics of them:



I feel I am done with those endless and pointless stupid cat photos. There are too many of them.

They just don't know how to stop sharing them. They can't get the idea that the thing they feel cute could be ugly for other people, and they don't give a damn about some people feeling annoying for too many of them.

They just keeping project their own emotion into that stupid pointless cat face.

I'm reading a news source you folks will never going to read...

Dislike mainstream media.

So I think I am the only person agree what he is saying...
QT: []


Women's liberation movement

I think human history is the conflict of civilization VS female selection.

What female selection should be: pick the healthiest male to fXXk, and then produce offspring looks awesome. It's like a monkey's society.

What civilization should be: After got a partner in a monogamous society, don't have sex with other people. Or less than 10% of the male can enter polygamy in years ago. This is best for the couple to invest in their children and property inheritance, and it seems can stabilizing the society that most people have a mate.

So you can see the problem: in the model of ”civilization“, the females are very likely can not pick the healthiest male to fXXk after they enter the monogamous marriage. Only a few males can be having sex in the monkey society, but the model of civilization makes most of the males can have a fXXk. The female selection nature was being suppressed by the concept of marriage. In traditional society, people have consciously forbidden their rights to enter the workplace and force them stuck at a male who usually not the alpha male. If they can have a job, it would be far easier to approach far more males, and then they can pick the best guy to know...

So, they wanted the women's liberation movement desperately. And capitalists believe this is a great thing to use.

I think they are quite retarded to misunderstand many things: the most important thing of the well-being of their offspring is the stable marriage create an environment for their children, not the best quality of the sperm. For now, none working mothers and long term breastfeeding create the best quality of offspring. But I think this seems too difficult to understand for many people( maybe monkeys). The alpha males are the group values and know the value of civilization and class, so they are not going to have a chance to fXXk , those males just view them as cheap labors, they have their wives in same SES, maybe few of them can have a chance to get a fXXk if you try extremely hard in small change, but it's going to get a long term relationship for the best of their children.

I see a very interesting thing in their mind : the Disney model, if I look good enough, than I can get the best guy to help me to get rid of the terrible family background... The term of fall in love at first sight is often appear in prostitution but not actual relationship... Why they can believe in this stupid shit? I think it must because Women's liberation movement happened too long, they don't even have a mother to teach them the correct concept of romantic relationship.

I remember that I read about if the female rats knows their mate is not the alpha male but in a low status, they would start to mistreat their children. The way of
Muslim fundamentalists dealing with this problem is cover their entire body, don't allow them to approach any males after the marriage, for disturb the nature of female selection. Make them don't know who is the alpha male and have 1 choice to fXXk only and focus on their children.

The Women's liberation movement released them, then we got many babies went to daycare when they are 1- 2years old with a terrible low words list can speech in future and often get infected . In the first time of history, they finally can get rid of those annoying babies from low SES males.

And obviously, they don't care these children acts retarded or not if they don't have family education.

Who say civilization is necessary? The society of monkey is more gender equal for me.

I think there must be some people going to say I am a straight male in replies(it often happens), but...I am non-binary and asexual. I don't indulge in this world without true love in my definition.


Do you believe people can be friends by born from so different SES?

I was looking for deeper rules of it.

I just read an interview with a male sex worker, and I feel their whole industry acts retarded.



🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱

I'm not particularly scared of the Coronavirus.. yes a lot of people will die and it will be a tragedy and I wish it could be avoided, but its not ...

To everyone,

What if Trump infected COVID-19?

Fourth distilled water is very tasty!!!


Honestly, I most of political toots of US are suck, they are not claiming they want to vote for what they are supporting, they are voting for: the person I hate is not going to win.

But they don't care the person the going to vote deserves or not and the personality of him.

They act like primary school kids.

I hate fools.


Triple distilled water>
Double distilled water>
Distilled water


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