The CCP is right about blocking the city this time, don't come out from Wuhan and spread virus over the world!!!😣😣😣

The vice in my life is always drawing some design diagrams, but I can't do it myself, and then waiting for some skilled people do it.

I am checking the CSS on mastodon...

And I find out...Why the ".drawer" element is so narrow on QOTO?

Since the narrow ".drawer", it would be quite inconvenient when type long articles...

I saw something not like that on other instance...

Like this one:

I feel sympathy while I know people typing long text on this narrow ".compose-form" ...

It should be:

.drawer {
width: 40%

Losers love to calling others niggers and fags on internet.

The reason of losers obsessed about others skin color and sexual orientation is because that's the only thing they think they can trump others. When a person is being a totally loser for himself, he will go to find something he may better than others, the thing won't change by events but better, usually is race and sexuality.

And they can use these words behind the screen without getting a punch on their face.

They don't even need to know another person is really black for calling them niggers, they just use the word everywhere randomly.

If they dislike a set of illegal behavior, they can say something like "I hate illegal immigrants because their crime rate is high, they don't respect the law", which is far better than "I hate you because you are black" . Because saying the crime rate gives other people the leeway to think about they didn't do anything about it.

And these losers knowing if they use the skin color as an argument can be supported by the the same kind of losers, thus being a group of bullies. It the same thing in Nazi German before.

I feel I never enter the adulthood, and I don't want to enter the adulthood.

Seem I am the kind of unimportant/useless people under the age of big data.

I always be the non-mode in statistics.

Using the deforzen function of the oven to drying my clothes...

Is there CSS files for each themes?

Where can I view them?

Histrionic personality disorder 


Do you feel flat earthers are romantically attracted by you?

I have an QQ account, I used it a while, but I didn't use it for around 8 months... Because the system is with awful censorship.

I read all old messages that I didn't read before today.

Then I found out there is a mental keeping sending me tons sexual harassment messages, make fun of I am a non-binary person, almost every day in a month (But I never reply him) . He said how he loved me and many events in his daily life. Like bought some prostitutes, and he is a flat earther, etc.


He digs my old social network on that old account, for knowing some of my personal information.

What can I do for it?

I think I should fix my skill of Adobe Premiere and After Effects...

Learn a little of them before.

All my life I've been torn
But I'm here for a reason
Could it be the reason I was born?
I have always been so different
Normal rules did not apply
Is this the day?
Are you the way
I finally find out why?

Programming my Moral machine

This is my result.

This test is terribly bad designed for getting results for individuals.

Because there are 13 questions only, it's difficult to find out the personal preference by only 13 questions. You are the product if you did the test.

Here is my Moral machine:

Stay by default, don't care about the numbers of people, go "stay" . (Because if swerved, it might cause more car crushes by mess up the program of other cars) Avoiding interaction.

But if the situation is animals die or human die, and "swerve" can cause animals die only, then "swerve" .

If there are some people do not follow the rules of trafficking, and their death can save other person, then they should go die.

That's all, no gender, age, fitness, social value preference.

I am looking for a mastodon android client with language translate function, since English is not my first language.

As I know, only Fedilab with this function, is there another option?

That's why I hate the internet community so much, tons of narcissistic toxic people misuse and abuse the theory.

Your lonely, maybe it just because you are an asshole, not must because you are born with a rare type.

This Pic is the symbol of them.

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