[Mastodon feature request: Draft]

I was thinking about how people react with the Mastodon developing term if they need a new Mastodon feature... How to let the developing term know some people need a function if they are not in the Patreon group? Obviously, not all people in here have a GitHub account as well... So I made this image as a function request toot. If you like this function, you can @Gargron in replies and give star and boost this toot. Then the developing term will know the number of people who need this.

Let's try.


That is an interesting idea - specially when you are trying to put out a nice and polished toot (a Blog announcement, a promotion message of some kind, etc).

I would suggest the title could be a more clear is this was called something like "Feature Request : Save as a Draft"

At first reading, I assumed the "Draft" in the header meant this was a preliminary version of your suggestion. I think this would be a useful feature.

I did not include Eugen in this reply, as he probably already has too many notifications at the moment. Let's see how people react and the comments. 😃

@snow I guess it needs some details ironed out, though. Which is why an issue-thread on e.g. Github is quite important IMO.

1: must your drafts be available on all clients? ie. is it something stored on the server or only in the client?
2: (how) do you manage drafts? create-read-index-delete? Update/edit?
3: What about replies to toots that get deleted in the mean-time?
4. What about a "cancel" link that then pops-up a question "[delete] or [save as draft]?"

@snow 3 is currently handled as exception and not very user-friendly. With drafts it will becoem more common.

4: instead of having a large button, why not small "cancel" link that opens a modal with two options "yes, delete" or your " save as draft" button. That makes it less "in your face" and keeps the interface focused on the thing 99% of time people want: to make a toot.

@snow 4: I am sure 100% of the people now use this element to compose and publish toots :)

Your proposal introduces a change that distracts from how 100% of the people now use it. Hence my suggestion to "tone down the lesser used feature" and make it way smaller and more out-of-the-way then the most-important-action: to toot.

@snow Yes. Because, like I said: " Which is why an issue-thread on e.g. Github is quite important IMO."

@snow @design_RG this is implemented on the client side rather than the server side. I think that's okay given the short term use of mastodon - you're not likely to reply to a weeks-old post, so the interval between starting to compose a reply and sending it will rarely be long enough for you to have lost access to the original client. Attached pics are Tusky - if your client doesn't implement something equivalent, you probably want to send your feature requests to its maintainer instead.

@khird @snow I like the idea of doing it on the client, simpler and can expose the added benefit to users. Later it could get added to the server itself.

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