I have nosing around on Mastodon for a few days now and I see a lot of users optimistically trying to make a fresh start with proper microblogging…

…but notice Mastodon server admins, whether they want to or not, pulled in some kind of turf war, over which users have no influence, but from which they do suffer the consequences.

@squell It's amazing how much humans gotta human.

@squell Part of the point of fedi is that you *do* have the power to influence things.

If you like your instance, stay and invite friends, family, and collogues to join it. #QOTO is a fine instance with friendly members and admins.

If you don't (or find an instance that just fits you better) you can take your data and move. Your followers will be forwarded to your new instance.

@unamanic @squell except you lose everything. You can only transfer your followers, not your content. And you have to re-follow everyone. And there is a limit on how many you can follow a day. Re-following your followers can take ages.

@RustyBertrand @squell if you export your follows as a CSV, you can reimport it on the other side (not sure if that is rate limited)

@unamanic That is true, but it could be that I like QOTO fine, but could find myself forced to move if I want to interact with people on other servers (or: they would have to move); purely based on the decisions of a random admin.

The instructions on the packet said it didn't matter that much which server I picked. :)


for what its worth in terms of reach (number of peopel you can interact with and can interact with you) last time I checked QOTO was in the top 20.. So you will have a pretty good connection here compared to other locations.

The few instances that block us tend to have block lists a mile long. So only way to move to have access to those servers is to be on a server that blocks out most of the fediverse.


@freemo That was actually one of the selling points of QOTO for me! (That and LaTeX support 😏) But still weird things can happen, such as mistakenly blocking it.


@squell hackyderm has removedus fromt heir blocklist.. supposidly the server itsef will remove us once they update

@freemo Yes, I've seen their Github issue tracker & that is good.

Just to be clear, from an absolute newcomers perspective: I think the current situation isn't exactly a good look for Mastodon, but by joing I certainly got a good introduction to it. :blobwink:

@squell Yeah, it’s kind of silly to be honest. As if they want to dictate what other admins should do…

@squell it’s no turf war, it’s a war of policing speech and giving away decisions to higher powers. on qoto and many others you have to block things yourself. some people hate this idea and exclude e.g. qoto for not having a massive instance wide blocklist of “dangerous” servers.

it’s not a turf war, it’s a war of how you want to live your online live.

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