In an email from Radboud University about the end of my contract:

“All female scientists will be automatically invited for an exit interview with the managing director as part of the Gender & Diversity policies. In case male scientists would like to have an exit interview they can contact the managing director to arrange an appointment.”

36 Frames
New Year midnight fireworks in Sydney. 11 sets of trichromes that were stacked into a smart object and processed for the median.
Can you believe this is black and white film?
Agent Shadow ISO1600
Leica R8 + Elmarit 28/2.8
Not so #ShittyCameraChallenge

Introducing: Rust 101, an #opensource modular university course to get students started with #rust. Created by TG's Henk Oordt (among others). Read about it here:

Also thanks to @skade , @jonathan , and Bernard van Gastel.

Incentives for academics have become increasingly perverse over the last 50 years, according to this 2017 article by Edwards and Roy

The table below neatly summarizes their key findings ⬇️

#academia, #metrics, #incentives

@freemo Yes, I've seen their Github issue tracker & that is good.

Just to be clear, from an absolute newcomers perspective: I think the current situation isn't exactly a good look for Mastodon, but by joing I certainly got a good introduction to it. :blobwink:

@freemo That was actually one of the selling points of QOTO for me! (That and LaTeX support 😏) But still weird things can happen, such as mistakenly blocking it.


@unamanic That is true, but it could be that I like QOTO fine, but could find myself forced to move if I want to interact with people on other servers (or: they would have to move); purely based on the decisions of a random admin.

The instructions on the packet said it didn't matter that much which server I picked. :)

I have nosing around on Mastodon for a few days now and I see a lot of users optimistically trying to make a fresh start with proper microblogging…

…but notice Mastodon server admins, whether they want to or not, pulled in some kind of turf war, over which users have no influence, but from which they do suffer the consequences.

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