Care about #privacy? Take a look at #i2p - a mature #FOSS network project offering "Privacy-By-Design".

🎉 The @i2p team just released a few minutes ago v2.37.0 - again: great effort 🔥 🙏 .

Ready-to-use #docker container here (also a version including #tor and #i2p):

Entry-level, "how to", blog post here:

Latest video (1 slide covering I2P):


@konrad @i2p I'm not so sure i2p is private: can't you look up a hash in the dht and get IPs back? If I had to post something sensitive I'd post to an image board from TOR before i2p.

@swiley @i2p IMHO the anonymity of senders and recipients (using the default routing setup) has not been compromised on the network of I2P.

The anonymity of Tor users has been compromised by corrupt exit nodes. This is just my opinion - I would need to lookup the academic research to get into detail. The website of I2P lists the academic work and you might find answers there. 😁👍 There is also subreddit about I2P which gets actively maintained.

@konrad @i2p corrupt exit nodes are only an issue if the site doesn't have a hidden service.

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