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Related, very exciting: a full Jupyter notebook including #Python and Numpy and math libs running *entirely* in browser—no server.

They compiled the Python runtime plus and Numpy and FORTRAN libs to #WebAssembly. It all runs in your browser.

This is kind of the opposite route from Gitpod, whom you go to to reduce the burden of server config and management. With things like #JupyterLite, you minimize build/config problems *and* keep your computers.

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Die Gas- und Strommärkte sind außer Rand und Band. Es wird Zeit, eine neue Ära einzuläuten und sich von der Profitlogik der Branche zu verabschieden.!5893298/

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La protection de la nature devrait être une priorité pour l'homme s'il veut continuer à exister (la planète continuera à tourner sans lui) !
La nature & les inégalités de notre société souffrent du même mal : cupidité & égoïsme ont pris le pas sur le respect du bien commun.

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Redoing my #Introduction since I’m on a new server.

Hi! After studying chemistry, I’ve spent the last twenty five years in IT, first as a #Web1.0 programmer and #sysop during the 90’s, then in #itsupport and #dataanalyst roles this century.

I read “My Side of the Mountain” and “The Mysterious Island” as a kid and have always been fascinated with a diy approach to civilization: #camping, #gardening, #hamradio, and #brewing.

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"Sicherheitskräfte sollen vergewaltigte Frauen während der WM nicht anzeigen."
"Dänemarks WM-Team wird von der FIFA untersagt, mit "Für Menschenrechte" bedruckte Trikots zu tragen.
"Homosexualität = geistiger Schaden."

Aber PRIDE- und RESPECT-Bändchen tragen.

Ihr mich auch.

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I am a #Quantum Applications #Scientist in industry. I spend my days understanding the nooks and crannies of quantum hardware and designing software algorithms that enable quantum computers to approach various industrial and scientific problems.

I am also an avid break baker :)! I mill my own flour and everything.

Watching and wondering what I might have done in the 80s? Being a bored housewife like Mike's mom with nice 80s hair cut or working as a physicist for Dr. Brenner? My bf (husband in the 80s?) would probably have worked repairing radios and TVs.

I am a based quantum information scientist with a Masters degree in . My research topic is quantum computing and if you have any questions about it feel free to reach out. In my free time I am interested in demography, climate change, psychopharmacology, biophysics, IT security, computers in general and trying out various shades of lipstick. I toot mostly in German, sometimes in English, depending on the topic and my mood. And yes, I belong to the lazy species of people that comments their code in their native language, in my case German.

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My first post here. Tipping my toes into the water. I'm in my 8th year of being disabled by . Interested in research and others with and also .

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They did resp. decided WHAT?

"With a credit of 200 euros, the [German] federal government wants to encourage young people to experience culture locally" (📻 news)

Applause! 👍

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We had a window fitter at the house, and we talked politics:

"The thing that made Germany so pleasant were solidarity and the social system, and we won't get them back unless the politicians start realizing how important they are."

Smart man.

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🐘 My own baby elephant? 🐘

I’ve learned from @dries that it’s rather easy to host your own Mastodon server.

(For example at @mastohost; currently no new subscriptions though.)

That this fits into what @aral calls “the small web”.

I am very much considering this. 20 years ago I registered the domain name “” (meaning “imagine/d”) and use it for mail and weblogging. Why not use it for tooting too?

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In 261 Tagen Krieg in der Ukraine hat China noch keinmal öffentlich Kritik am russischen Angriff geübt. Jetzt bezeichnete es seine Beziehungen zu Russland sogar als unumstößlich. Die beiden Länder seien "umfassende strategische Partner".
Ukraine-Krieg: China - Beziehungen zu Russland "felsenfest"

Hiya beautiful people, it's sycramore.
Cheers and xoxo sycra

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After all, if "fiscal conservativism" fails, then the rich will struggle to find people willing to camp out for a week to get them a spot at the front of the line for Hamilton tickets and vaccines:

The alliance of the wealthy and cruel with the religious and cruel means that anyone who thwarts forced-birth laws needs to fear both private and state retribution, and must take steps to evade ubiquitous surveillance from the merger of ad-tech and policing.


Show thread Hey, great to know that you are now on Mastodon too 🙂

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