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@kl There is a lot of personal power in simply saying no to what capitalism has on offer. No to endless and pointless growth. No to spending more. No to change that isn't improvement. As a performance, it can also be useful to demonstrate that capitalist realism is a problematic and needlessly constraining worldview.

@trevorflowers @kl @stevelord This was sort of corrected for by David Ungar's Smalltalk on a RISC, which would have been a microprocessor with a much lower clock rate, but speed comparable with the Dorado. But I think that approach was only useful for Ungar in 1984 because Smalltalk-80 was stable enough, whereas PARC ran through a decade of changes, with at least three different VMs (for Smalltalk-72, -76, and -80) implemented in microcode.


Computers are dual-sourced, much like the Internet itself.

The Internet's dual-sources are the government-backed ARPAnet and the home-grown BBSes.

Computers dual-sources are machine-room computers and the kit computers. The terminals to connect to the machine-room computers have changed, but it has always been big business that loves control.

We thought home computers fell on the side of kit computers, but these days they're just fancy terminals to the machine-room systems.

So how do we reduce emissions?

By USING LESS ENERGY. Anyone saying that some new and fancy tech is going to solve things for us is wrong. Adding more tech means using more energy.

We have to stop adding energy generation in order to stop Jevon's Paradox.

@anarchiv uk govt numbers suggest only a fraction of a fraction of a percent of benefit payments are fraudulent. you wouldn't know that from the way the govt and media here talk about benefit fraud as if its a huge problem costing us lots of public money. tax fraud and avoidance by the wealthiest, though, that actually is a big number. govt and media don't raise that issue ever though.

The tax lady, she was also fiercely anti-incarceration. All in all, that talk gave me back some of my lost belief in common sense.

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The barrier for getting started with #SLIME and #CommonLisp in #Emacs is really high -- and I'm a very experienced developer, and have even written a moderate amount of Lisp (elisp, scheme, racket, but not CL).

All of the tutorials say "look at how to do these super simple things!" Which is great. But like ... how do I open up a large, existing project, and start exploring? Mostly I get package loading errors when I do that.


Tibor Kaputa spends his days developing the Simple range of apps for Android-based OS and makes them available free of charge on F-Droid. I use a bunch of them and they're fantastic. Please consider trying out his apps and making a contribution to support his work:

#Android #FreeCode #FDroid #TiborKaputa

So #gnome remote desktop under #Wayland requires you to be locally logged in to "share" your display session? What a major step backward that is. I loved having xdm services running everywhere where I could just connect and bring up sessions and run feature rich desktop apps from any headless machine on my workstation in a given facility. Thankfully #bsd retains #X11 even if more #linux distros fall into a wayland sinkhole. I may end up all #netbsd one day just to be sane.

@tetrislife @spacebuffer I wrote a thing for #MediaWiki that makes GraphViz dot format family trees. It's sort of tricky to make it handle things like putting multiple spouses near each other, but it's pretty great really.

Introducing the Himitsu keyring & password manager for Unix
June 20, 2022

A project, influenced by 's factotum.

"I’m using Linux. A library that emacs uses to communicate with Intel hardware.” – Erwin, #emacs, Freenode.

(Mastering Emacs – Mickey Petersen)

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the Obi-Wan Kenobi series is the best Star Wars spin-off since the original trilogy. I really enjoyed the final two episodes.

#SciFi #StarWars #ObiWanKenobi

@bsmall2 Easy for me to carp from the sidelines I know. But the FSF/E seem to mostly work on convincing people it's a good idea to upcycle devices, and often end up preaching to the choir. It occurs to me they might achieve more if they helped coordinate (and get funding) for the work to get more devices supported, make installing replacement OS easier etc.

The FSFE is running a campaign encouraging people to upcycle old Android devices with free code software. Totally agree with this in principle, but beyond installing F-Droid and using apps installed from there as much as possible, I've found it remarkably hard to do in practice.

#UpcyclingAndroid #FSFE #FreeCode

love how everyone on orange site is defending poor little Microsoft from criticism over Github Copilot because of the few minutes per month they save writing boilerplate code in shitty languages that lack metaprogramming or good abstractions. No, it's definitely not an absolute travesty that programming language design is so braindead that a statistical model is useful for saving time writing code and that this isn't seen as a massive failure in PL design, and it definitely isn't a travesty that Microsoft bought the biggest open source code hosting site to launder everyone's code and use it to make a shitty solution for stupid problems. It's totally worth the 10$ guys!!1!

I see only vitriol for the Beckn protocol for digital commerce, even though it, in its form, *could* loosen monopolies like Amazon. Without some justification, the vitriol seems like noise.

e.g. being created by actors endorsed by the Gates Foundation in other contexts does give a hint of a bad smell. Also doesn't acknowledge pre-existing work like . Also, other open-source tech stacks of those actors, like, are mind-boggling contraptions.

Interesting UX observation:

I just saw an online store do a very minor change in the user flow for "Forgot My Password" — I clicked "Forgot..." and it sent me to enter a new password right away. After I finished entering the new password, *then* it told me check your email for a numeric code. Of course, by the time I finished typing the code was already in my inbox. A minor change, but it felt much more streamlined!

I just saw a spam email appear for a split second on my phone notifications for GMail and then disappear. I opened the app and checked the spam folder, and sure enough, it's there.

Async coding has gone too far.

I think that both Star Treck and Star Wars should end. Movie companies should do something new. Same goes for all the superhero movies, unless they are going to do something different like Comrade Superman they should give up. Enough sharks have been jumped.

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