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I knew, going into #PinePhone ownership, that on account of #Mobian being early-stage and hacky, and PinePhone being (by modern phone standards) a bit underpowered, that it would involve some work to make the phone into something I could bear to use daily.

Here's an example though of how the flip-side applies - that I _can put in the work to make it better_:

I wanted áúóéí characters for my Gaeilge, and the built-in keyboards don't provide AltGr which is used to type those in Gnome/Linux. No problem, it seems - I can just change some config files and add either AltGr, or perhaps just make a totally custom and more useful keyboard that lets me switch more comfortably between languages.

This is why I choose a true Linux phone.

@namark @bonifartius It doesn't have to be a significant portion to have an effect, with the usual vegan approach of not buying things your effect is probably of a similar order of magnitude.

Although funnily enough this points to another serious reason why usual veganism has chances of working while this approach doesn't – usual veganism is relatively easy for people to adopt as a moral framework, creating the potential for a decentralized shift in values in society, while steling-for-animals is unlikely to be widely accepted.

I think your idea has about the same chances of working as mine, but it's a moot point anyway. Unfortunetely I'm not actually a proficient robber. :<

@bonifartius Well, yeah, it is technically vegan for the reasons I explained above, but obviously it's not really a good idea because of the different measures you mention as well as various effects of increasing crime rates etc.

This was supposed to mostly be a parody of the "idiot utilitarian" arguments, the "shouldn't you rob banks and give the swag to AMF?" ones that completely ignore externalities.

@bonifartius Not really, the cost propagates over the chain about as well as payment if everyone behaves rationally (in the economics sense). The higher the ratio of stolen to bought nonvegan food, the less money the victim of the theft should be willing to pay for that produce. Every unit has a lower expected value if you consider the higher probability of it getting stolen.

Feels weird discussing over essentially a shitpost.

veganism, crime, lifehack, misinformation 

* veganism = (hurting animals = bad)
* giving resources to people doing bad things = bad
* taking resources from people doing bad things = good
* stealing = taking resources
* veganism = (stealing from people hurting animals = good)

Infallible logic.

veganism, crime, lifehack, misinformation 

Remember, stealing food means you don't support the whole chain of people that worked towards getting it where it was.

This also means that any nonvegan food becomes vegan when stolen.

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@kmic U Mnie Działa™. Ale nie jestem pewien czy to ci pomaga, bo choć moje pochodzenie simplandzkie, to rezyduję w kraju Helwetów.

My PR got merged! This means I can finally call myself an open source contributor without strange qualifiers! :rainbowdance:

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Słucham sobie pierwszego webinaru realizowanego w ramach #GAAD i nie mogę wyjść ze zdumienia. Webinar jest o technologiach asystujących, w dużej części dla osób niewidomych. I wybrali do tego bodaj najbardziej niedostępne narzędzie, jakim jest #GoToWebinar. Dlaczego nie, Zoom, Teams, Webex, BBB lub cokolwiek innego? Smuteczek. Sam nie wiem, czy dalej słuchać, czy unieść się i odłączyć...

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Privacy-wise, Matrix is worse than Slack for public rooms.

Don't hit respond yet, read further.

With this whole freenode mess, some of the online communities I'm part of moved to Matrix. Despite how much I personally love IRC (that's top-notch privacy-wise for public rooms), I have to admit the overall Matrix UX is order of magnitude better and more in line withthe 2021 standards. It lowers the barrier of entry, and I'm all in for that!

However, there's a *massive* catch: the read status. Every time you can see a message on a public room, Matrix will show your avatar next to the said message to materialize you "read" (at least saw) it,

There's currently no way to disable this feature, be it on synapse or dendrite. The read status gets broadcasted to *all the room participants*, including bots.

Some bots are autojoining all the big room as soon as your open them. It's not clear who operate them, they don't ask nobody's consent before joining. You can assume this presence data is actively getting stored and mined by them, it's trivial to do. I implemented such a POC in a couple of hours yesterday night (I obviously turned it off and deleted the data after showing it to some friends).

Back to my initial punch line: this situation is worse than it it is with Slack. At least, with Slack, my read status stays between me, Slack corp and the people they decide to share the data with. With Matrix, it's open bar, private data for everyone.

The Vector team seem not to care too much [1] and are not considering this situation as urgent.

We absolutely need a way to disable these read status on a per room (or space?) level. As free software devs, we should be able to protect our peers and users privacy. My presence status, be it on a public chat is definitely *not* a public data that should carelessly be shared.

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W czwartek jest Global Accessibility Awareness Day #GAAD. W piątek będzie duża konferencja, którą chyba nawet poprowadzę. Ale co z czwartkiem? Wymyśliłem, że mogę tu na Mastodonie opisać, jak badać dostępność cyfrową stron internetowych. Jednak za stary jestem, by robić dla nikogo, więc chcę mieć pod tutkiem przynajmniej 10 polubień lub podbić. Aco!

@chrysn I think it's an equivalent of /sub, i.e. "I want to know what will happen here." without implying support or opposition to the proposed changes. Adding any reaction gets you notifications, so the semantics even work in practice.

@chrysn Oh that is *massively* better than the current situation, I didn't know about this RFC. Even the auto-coersion doesn't bother me that much, since now it's a strange artifact of the `Result` implementation rather than an inherent feature of the language. Thanks!

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@timorl These two are odd, but seems to improve the previous MVP into something more aligned. There will still be some auto-into-ing left, but with a trait backing it it'll be smoother.

@chrysn Kind of answered in the other toot, but in short:
1. Two types are treated very specially at the level of the language.
2. Afaik this is the only language feature that uses automatic coersion.

@robryk I don't particularly like that it treats two types very specially at the level of the language – it would be better if it at least referred to a trait, which one could implement on any type. But I could understand if it was just that, maybe the convenience is worth making the language slightly uglier. What actually convinced me `?` is a mistake is the difference between `f()` and `Ok(f()?)`. As far as I know `?` is the only inherent feature of Rust that performs automatic coersion. Introducing this to the language cannot be worth it.

It would be completely fine as a macro – either `try!` as it used to be or a macro that rewrites `?`s in a function. The latter would preferably have an option for turning automatic coersion on/off, but even if it didn't I wouldn't care that much, as it wouldn't be a inherent feature of the language.

After actually working with it a bit, I still think might be one of the more reasonable popular languages out there, but the semantics of the `?` operator are stupid. It looks like the result of an oath to include it in the language, whatever the cost, between two drunken developers – one from Go one from Haskell.

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We will present Sxmo, the Simple X Mobile environment for Linux smartphones at the AlpineConf tomorrow at 14:30 UTC (16:30 CEST / 10:30 EDT). You can join live or watch it later at your leisure. See for details.

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