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My co-founder at @spritelyinst (he's Executive Director, I'm CTO) now has an account on the fediverse: @frandallfarmer

Randy also:

- Co-invented JSON with Doug Crockford and Chip Morningstar
- Co-founded the world's *first* major massively multiplayer game / virtual world: Lucasfilms Habitat on the Commodore-freaking-64! (Also the place where the technical term "avatar" came from (borrowed from Sanskrit by Chip, I think)) Watch this wild video
- Co-runs the open source revival of the original Habitat:
- Co-founded Electric Communities. Electric Communities Habitat is where the E programming language came from from which much of Spritely is based. Watch this hilarious but mind-bending video from p2p virtual worlds... in 1997!!!
- The compression pass to my expansion pass of communication in the Spritely Networked Communities Institute. Any time things have gotten wordy, you can bet it's from me; any time they're terse and concise, you can bet it's from Randy. Usually we try to combine our skills.

Welcome Randy!

I think I've changed my mind; UTC leap seconds should *not* be abolished.

Very impressive voice control system for Linux that someone emailed me about the other day:

It's modal and maps syllables onto commands in a way which allows for very efficient computer use without having to use a keyboard. It lets you be a power user even if you have accessibility needs, which is a really important and underserved niche in accessibility imo.

A friend at the local hackerspace surprised me a while back with this custom-embroidered harriet #harelang

I compared the landing pages of Mastodon, Pleroma and Misskey because I was curious how each characterized itself. "Mastodon isn’t a single website like Twitter or Facebook, it's a network of thousands of servers operated by different organizations and individuals that provide a seamless social media experience."
→ Mastodon is a network "Misskey is a decentralized microblogging platform born on Earth. Since it exists within the Fediverse (a universe where various social media platforms are organized), it is mutually linked with other social media platforms."
→ Misskey is part of a network "Free and open communication for everyone. Pleroma is social networking software compatible with other Fediverse software such as Mastodon, Misskey, Pixelfed and many others. "
→ Pleroma is part of a network

We've published A Scheme Primer!

This primer serves as a quick skim tutorial to get started fast, or as a more in-depth read... ending with the finale of a 30 line example of a Scheme interpreter written in Scheme!

#ProTip: is the most useful website you've never heard of.


- Moved repo to, and development has resumed with new contributors!

- Site is now at!

- Chat is at, on IRC/Matrix

- Forum is moving to

- Gitea federation is WIP

- I've resumed work on Vervis, intending to relaunch it and put federated patches/MRs in the spec

- Simplified 1st spec draft is WIP

- I may step down at some point, project future seems bright now ^_^


Introducing the Himitsu keyring & password manager for Unix
June 20, 2022

A project, influenced by 's factotum.

My list of outlined infant programs and libraries

I may not have enough effective time to complete and perfect these ideas myself, but I'm posting in the hopes others can carry the torch.

Some rationale for the list:

The "darian" and "mayan" libraries if successful will prove that the stdlib design choices for timekeeping, including Hare's timescales and timezones, are robust and expandable as advertised. Also, Martian time is cool.

The "ninefmt" library will provide a friendlier alternative to the stdlib's POSIX subset of strftime "%Y-%m-%d" specifiers. plan9front's tmdate(2) defines a nice "YYYY MM DD" syntax.

The "jsonld" and "activity" libraries will form the bedrock for an eventual Fediverse server. I'd love to see another interoperable contender written in Hare. Something modular and simple.

The "chess" library will allow Hare to prove itself as a robust language for complex algorithms and large data. Imagine Deep Blue in Hare, or another implementation.

Speaking of science, maybe there should be science/physics-related library. Any ideas?

The "ed" (and "vi") utilities will allows Hare devs to code in their own dogfood. I also have my sights on sam/acme, and structural regular expressions in particular:

Reach out if interested.

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