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Damn, I can see that the budget for The Orville is a lot bigger in its 3rd season.

I like it!

Lol, The Orville S03E02 (Shadow Realms) became almost a full blown horror story. And I think Bortus had the funniest line. :P

"I am prepared."

This is amazing. It's only 20:00 and I can already throw everything open and switch my aircos to ventilation. That's a nice fresh breeze now.

I think there's two more days to go before relief (rain) comes.

Uh, time to check if it's cold enough yet to turn off the AC and open the windows. :P I want fresher air.

Went to the optician today. It was very comfortable there, their airco was just about right. Not cold, but also not hot.

So when we went outside where it was a bit above 30C, we were like.. oh, not too bad, fine fine.

We went to the supermarket right after, and I think it was like 20C in there, pretty chilly. Nice, but chilly. When we were done shopping and went outside...


And that kind of experience makes that I put my airco at home not too cold, heh. Except for the bedroom, it should freeze in there.

Eh, when I moved bucketfuls of soil around... I must've miscarried the bucket once with my left arm. The elbow joint hurts when I try to use my arm. :/

I guess I need to relax the coming few days. Which won't be altogether too hard because heatwave.

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Got email from Storyworld (comic museum) if I'd like to give them some feedback. Well, I gave them a shitton of feedback. :P

Was fairly disappointed in our 2nd visit there, as about everything was the same, and then the last room was a tiny room where there is a different spotlight displayed twice a year.

Tiny. Room.

Not really worth visiting that place again within 10 years. They need to give the Spotlight a bit more space and waste less space overall in the rest of their museum.

Heatwave incoming. :P The coming days will be a week full of 30+C temperatures.

I went and mucked around in the garden for over 2 hours today and finally, -finally-, broke up those 5 or 6 bags of soil that I had stacked up in the corner of the garden terrace for like.. uh.. 5 years?

If you want to know what an ant hotel looks like.. yeah, do the same like me and have a few bags of soil stacked up outside in the open for like forever... -.-

Anyway! I moved all of that to the part of the garden where I cleared the dead foliage and will evenly spread out the soil another time as it's way too hot now. At least the terrace's cleaned up.

I'd also better take a shower soon.. I still feel those damn ants crawling all over me.

I like it that the leaves from the grapevine can be this big, I just love gigantic leaves. Might've gotten that little bug from my granny as she used to have a jungle in her house.

Looks like next week I'll go to a museum with a buddy. Neat, then this holiday isn't going to be 100% lazy. ;)

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Just watched an interesting and very informative video over at about color grading movies to let the audience think they're in some exotic place. This technique brings out the stereotypes and is lately more seen as racistic. This is apparently also a very American thing to do.

@Pat I had to think of you when watching this video. I think you might find it interesting.

Stepping a foot outside feels like opening an oven at full blast.. jeez.

I've noticed the only webgames I seem to still play every day are Waffle and Worldle (with an l there, yes, it's not Wordle). The rest is just very sometimes and not altogether that interesting.

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Whew, finished it! The sandbox world was the most annoying one until I found a guide that explained you needed to buy the quest items from the other worlds. That wasn't clear at all. It's just an annoying game overall, and thankfully finished fairly fast. I hope the other new LEGO games won't be this lame.

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All the main story areas in LEGO Movie 2 Videogame have been 100%ed now. What's left are the non-main story areas, gotta complete their storylines plus get all of those Master Bricks. Then I'm done. Fairly easy, it's actually feeling a bit like a grind in this game. And to think the first game was so cool to play... Wtf did they do, man.

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What the fuck did I just watch... the ending of LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is one of the stupidest endings ever. Moronic. Rubbish. Ridiculous. Making-absolutely-no-sense. Lazy writers.

Very unsatisfying. :P

Well, all that's left is mopping up the gajillion side quests, getting all the master bricks, completing every area 100%...

But the ending seriously sucks. This isn't really a good LEGO game overall.

We packed everything in our office. All of that stuff is ready to be carted out of the room so that it can get renovated during the summer holidays. Plastered papers with 'IT ROOM' on every box, cabinet, table, and even every chair in this room. Not much more we can do. Considering it's awfully humid hot today, not much more we want to do either.

Friday'll be the last work day. 'Work'.. it'll be a 'bye bye, and see you after the holidays' day.

Feeling exhausted. Going to cancel all my appointments today. 😩

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