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Today's Worldle is pretty damn tough. πŸ˜‹

Oh and since the pair of trousers I changed into is a bit shorter.. my red Xmas socks are exposed so nicely now.

I guess I'm going to be the talk of the day.

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Was excited at first to put on a pair of jeans... but then realized it might not be a great idea if it's going to be 22C later.

Time to change clothes.

Damn, I cried at the end of The Orville S03E08 (Midnight Blue).

I can safely say that the 3rd season has a much larger emotional impact than the previous ones.

Idle games are the bane of my productivity. Not that I had to be productive today.

... lol. That was a long-ass (but cool) story. Worth a read, just finish it until the end. :D

I went snailhunting this morning. There are way too many snails and slugs. πŸ˜’

I wish them the most gruesome death for trying to kill my garden.

As if I couldn't be drenched any more.. I'm totally soaked now, lol. But I'm done for today. :P The front garden got a bigtime cleanup. It's too hot to continue, but I'm satisfied.

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I swept only half the garden so far and I'm already drenched in sweat...

And I purposefully started working in the garden this morning because it'll be impossible to do so in about 1-2 hours. :P

So, if almost all of Europe is suffering a huge drought... and even China is having big rivers running dry...

Where the fuck is all that water going? :P

And whoever is hogging it, please share?

Besides, Google's criteria for removing permissions is kind of messed up. 'You haven't used this app for over 3 months!'.. yes, I have.. as widget, or as a background process! I USE IT DAILY! YOU JUST DON'T KNOW IT!

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Yeah Google, nice that you removed permissions of one of my apps.. but couldn't you have told me which one it was? Jeez.

Oh jeez, this anime series The Way of the Househusband is just outright silly.

The volleyball competition was great though.

Mruh... why do all those festivals have to happen around the same time period...

Visited the Pasar Malam in town. Eh, I think this might be our last time. The meals were outrageously expensive so we didn't eat at one of the restaurants over there. The only stuff I bought were banana chips and some sausages. We also ate risoles from the streetfood vendor... but I think my stomach's protesting now. :P

Email sent with confirmation. Message sent with confirmation. Message sent with question. Message sent with question and notification. Message sent with information. All different people.

I'm tired already. :P

Woohoo, big rain incoming.

Less woohoo, I have to bike through said rain.

Time to don the rainclothes!

Big mistake to turn off the airco and open the windows... humidity's going through the roof. I'm actually floating away from my desk in my own sweat. :P

Thankfully my bedroom's still dryness heaven as that's locked and still cooling. I'll at least sleep dry and cool tonight.

The Orville S03E05 (A Tale of Two Topas) was a very touching episode. I'm glad Bortus is such an understanding father. Also, fuck Klyden.

Oh neat, Brooklyn 99 will have an 8th season... and apparently it'll be on Netflix in 2 days, heh.
I'm currently in the middle of a rewatch, halfway season 6 atm. So might be a few weeks before I get to the new content.

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