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I'm confident that in 🇪🇸 our Ministry of is hard at work with all kinds of campaigns, subsidies and proactive measures to fix this .

La libera «más de 30 millones de imágenes para todo uso: El Cantar del , el o los manuscritos de , a solo tres clics. Se convierten así en recursos gratuitos para ser utilizados por las industrias creativas y culturales, por editoriales, investigadores, centros educativos… pero también por el público general para cualquier uso, incluido el comercial.»
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The government of 🇪🇸 is pushing a six-month-long — because, . Contradictio in terminis. It reminds me of the constant “state of high alarm” under which I lived all my years in the UK and in Japan, a state announced obsessively in the underground, both in London and in Tokyo.
Now that we have smart contracts, we need : legislation that is passed with programmable checks attached that are objectively evaluated to alter or revoke those laws. eg, a state of emergency ends after one month, or as soon as certain predetermined thresholds are met — whichever happens first.

Here [subscriber edition], encourages honest to be brave to stand their ground against the mob of the “elect” (generally well-intentioned caught up in the new religion of ), to politely express disagreement, and to resist the urge to try to reason with them (it's futile) and instead let the petty scandal of the day dissolve by itself.

Listening to the conversation, I was thinking I should extend that pessimistic, if also liberating, piece of advice to my own country () and to other topics beside (, , ), and try to apply it myself — if nothing else, for my own sanity.

What pisses me off the most about is that, being so learned and having travelled so much, he has made a career out of stressing the uniqueness of mediocrity, ignorance and backwardness in . As if we were really unique for the worse. Or for the better. The more I travel and read, the more I despise that , and the more I recognise shared human experience. There are corruption, bigotry, embarrassing or absurd customs, and missed opportunities in every society.

🇪🇸 is by far the first country in the world in relative number of actual deceased organ donors.

“While disgust at has played a role, the political strains of today [in ] owe more to the slump and the emergence of rival in the form of nationalism, (with its mixture of Leninism and Peronism) and .”

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