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Hi folks! I’m migrating from @unperson so here’s my :

I am a curious & distressed person born in a post-1989 Mainland China. My passions are software and music since I find joy in taking apart the patterns and trying to arrange them in new ways. I’m frequently fascinated by general STEM and humanities topics as well.

During my time on fedi, I hope I can connect with a global community with shared values and interests without being monetized by big tech, as well as rediscovering Chinese culture without being plagued by authoritarianism.

…aaaaaand of course I had to f*ck up the migration process somehow and nearly wiped out the followers list there. Zero idea how it happened.

Guess I might as well create a new account at now. See ya in a minute.

Oh sh*t. I just realized a surprisingly long list of servers suspended


Those are just a handful I have valued connections with. I guess I better migrate back to, at least for now. *sigh*

FWIW, my current stance is very supportive of QOTO’s policy of not defederating with any servers instance-wide, leaving the choice entirely up to the residents. I guess I have to compromise with the fact that so many admins are so against the policy that they chose to suspend QOTO.


自从看过《洛基》第一季之后,总会时不时会想起 Sylvie 的经历…为了躲避被官僚夺走伊的人生,只好选择不停地在规模不一的末世事件间游走,因为当藏身于末世的时候任何行为都不会产生影响,也就不会被所谓的捍卫正统的时间守护者们注意到…

Nothing you do matters in an apocalyptic timeline, heh.

political meme 

China to the world is what Gab is to Fediverse.

Change my mind.


@overdrive 最近迁移实例之后就想在三次元迁移实例。我所在这个实例管理员习近平和 mod 团队中国共产党都是些屌人,现在整个实例也快要沦陷为屌人实例了。

instance migration, but for meatspace :ablobhologram:

fedi netiquette questions 

Some / questions from a noob:

1. When someone does *not* put an explicit personal policy for follow requests, e.g. “don’t follow unless we know each other IRL”, “don’t follow unless we’ve interacted before”, is it generally considered poor netiquette to directly send a request without prior notice?

Reason: I’ve seen many times folks replying to a someone else’s toot asking if it’s ok to send a follow request, and only actually sending it after receiving an explicit go-ahead. I’m not sure if it’s them being extra polite or am I ignorant about the community’s expectations.

2. Is it considered poor netiquette to use a profile pic containing direct eye contact, e.g. the one my account is using right now? Or perhaps the answer varies depending on your potential audience, e.g. such avatars should be avoided if many of your followers have anxiety?

Reason: I’ve seen many times folks use the CW/“Mark media as sensitive” features on selfies containing direct eye contact. Again, I’m not sure if I’m being ignorant.

Replies and boosts appreciated. Thanks for the welcoming communities.







都晚上了竟然还没被领走 :abongoblob:

@board 赠友邻们一份《这是我的战争》,详情请见本条嘟嘟所回复的那则嘟嘟。周末愉快!

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if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):


Hmm,刚看到手中还有一份 (《 》)的 Steam 密钥。身边朋友们都送过了,这份送给友邻! :ablobnom:

- 需注册 Humble Bundle 账号领取。
- 领取游戏不会导致注册账号所用邮箱透露给彼此。
- 该密钥归属 Steam 美国区,只有定价不高于美国区的 Steam 账号才能成功领取。
- 请在本嘟嘟下告知其他友邻你已领取成功,避免别人徒劳尝试。
- 若尚未被领取,也请随意转嘟让更多友邻看到。

New iOS app release is waiting for Apple review! It adds a community timeline and fixes sign-up errors not being shown and servers being listed in the wrong order during onboarding.

So is a thing, heh :ablobcatreach: Let’s be friends!

These days I spend my free time exploring the potentials of Arturia’s BeatStep Pro. So if you want to talk about step sequencers, drum machines and 🅱️ass lines, I think we’ll get alone fine!

巴黎无偿拍摄写真,如果有巴黎的小象或者过来玩的朋友想拍照的话可以来找我,或者如果谁有什么照片需要修图的话也可以发给我,我最近在练习 #photoshop中……
不是专业人士所以对质量不敢保证但绝对是免费的 :ablobspin:

Twitter deactivation shenanigans 

So I promptly deactivated my Twitter account as soon as my requested data archive arrived. Turns out the archive only contains a list of the lists I created, but not the lists’ members.

I was planning to subscribe to the RSS feeds of those accounts via Nitter…Oh well. What could I possibly miss out on. *deletes archive*

questions about QOTO 

Hi folks, I have some questions about our instance:

1. Does QOTO receive donations of any sort to help defray server costs?
2. I read on that it’s possible to post local-only toots that won’t federated with other servers but I can’t find this particular privacy option. Where do I access it?
3. How long does it usually take for the QOTO fork to merge new Mastodon features from upstream? I’d love to see auto-delete old posts and editing posts coming to QOTO, but we’re currently on v3.2.1 released in Oct 2020.

I’m really lovin this community so far! :blobcatsnuggle:

号外!Fediverse中文论坛 上线啦 :blobcatheart:


这将是一个供用户和站长们分享学习 Fediverse 使用指南、站点建设运维技巧及其他任何 Fediverse 相关话题的中文论坛,包括 Mastodon、Pleroma、Misskey 等 🌌


欢迎所有 Fediverse 站点的朋友光临 :EveOneCat36: !已经写过教程等干货的站长们可以把自己的链接丢进去 :EveOneCat32:

#Fediverse #长毛象中文使用指南 #长毛象建站 #长毛象运维 #Fediverse中文论坛

Oh wow, the European Union 🇪🇺 now has its own official Mastodon instance!

You can follow lots of important EU officials on here including the @EU_Commission

#EU #EuropeanUnion


很奇妙,感觉迁移实例之后我的赛博人格也莫名重塑了。之前一直很僵硬怯怯的不太喜欢和大家互动,现在只想着每天能更多嘟嘟几条。Twitter 和微博分别赶走了一批用户,让 fedi 趁机更热闹些吧! :ablobcatbongo:

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