Got two laptops to give away. Found new homes for them and installed with .

Those humble old things will hopefully make few lives a bit better next week.

(BTW ditched because of constant annoying little problems. These machines need to be rock solid.)

Help with , appreciated.

Updated my from , double checked my DMZ and ports on my router, ports on my ufw, is running, everything is up to date with prosody.

Still no luck with the calls. It rings, answers, tries to connect and fails to connect.

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Oh and another thing about ... How poor is with groups and omemo?

"To use OMEMO in a Groupchat, the Groupchat should be non-anonymous and members only."

No matter what you do in the settings it says the same and omemo wont turn on. Conversations seems to work well enough with this.

Any tips? Or is debians gajim just not up to the task?

Managed to setup my own server with these wonderful guides:


should work but with my tests between two from f-droid it fails to connect with audio and video. Bummer.

Untill I figure this it out I wont pressure anyone in my signal to leave it for this.

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We have started to ship the first batches of /e/-Fairphone.
It seems there quite some demand for this unique product!
We are renewing the stock continuously.

#degoogled #android #privacy #opensource #sustainabledevelopment


We came up with an idea for a and just started experimenting. That was fun talking to two friends using while sitting in closet (for the sound). We will have to test if this actually works with someone else as well..

Amazing how creative people get when they are forced to some boredom. Thanks ! (not really..)

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I've been using for conference calls. Everyone has been pretty taken back how well it works and how great it is that they don't have to give up any info.

There's still the lack of group chats and non existing sync between devices but they haven't realised it yet. I'm just happy people are adventurous enough to try new things.

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I'm a bit low on contracts right now, so does anyone have any programming or standards work for us?

Here's our website:

Also if you like the work I'm doing on Odysseus, Rhapsode, movie recommendations, and/or libdggs please donate to me:

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The Finnish Government limits the size of public gatherings to 10 persons. Shuts down schools.

And keeps early learning centres open.

Funny how the poorly paid women are all of sudden so vital that they must stay at work.

Niin ja kanssa. Onko tosiaan niin ettei firmoilla ole enää wanhoja läppäreitä kiertoon pistettäväksi?

Heard that friend of a friend is in need of computer (poverty sucks) but I don't have any left. I've usually managed to find some old laptops from my friends workplaces, installed gnulinux on them and made people happy. It's especially rewarding when you are able to gift a laptop to a pensioner who is afraid to buy one but would really like to understand "this email thing".

Nowadays it seems that companies usually lease their laptops or just send them to be destroyed so I'm all outta laptops and can't provide much needed help.

Dear is there any hope? Where might I be able to score some free laptops to gift to those that need them?

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