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Would you replace your existing internet provider with a community-based ISP, assuming that you'd (at the very least) keep the same speed? If so/not, why?


"This video is blacklisted.
Auto-blacklisted. Moderator review required. "

Ok. Might take some time. Lets see if its up tomorrow.

My first video is transcoding. Nervous!

Never ot the sounds to sync properly even though in the editor they were perfect. Something weird happened in the encoding everytime.

Oh well. Im glad I managed to push out something.

I think the video is now as good as I can do it. I got to say I enjoyed the process. Learning new things is my favourite past time.

is now encoding it to with & . Fingers crossed!

First export went tits up. Sound all garbled and video quality was utter shit. Something I should know about encoding gopros mp4 to ogg/vorbis? I put video to 20mb/s.

Editing is done. I guess. I have no idea what Im doing. Thank you to all good people responsible for !

Next I need to record and edit the talking bits in...

Shot my first ever just now. Itse going to be a first/testing video of my series. Quick and dirty video about setting up a tarp. Going to do the talking bits later in my "home studio".

Surprisingly awesome stuff that filming stuff.

Going to play around with tarp+mozzienet combo. On paper it's the cheapest and easiest way to start or try camping/trekking/outdoor adventures. I have few ideas how to make it work but my mozzienet is not bell shapes which might make it not so ideal. Oh well. Let's see.

I got and now I have an itch to create some . I came up with an idea for a series of sorts. Time to fake some creativity. Stay tuned!

Talking about it reminded me to advertise the great guys of invidio.us/watch?v=5z6TBd7nQMo

They'll be pushing stuff out to youtube via spark sport. I highly recommend to watch their videos.

31 man team is out: the42.ie/ireland-confirmed-wor

1. Maybe Im just uncultured scrumhalf and fail to see the big benefits of picking Kleyn over Toner.
2. Marmion was left out. Even as a Leinster supporter that seems harsh but maybe it was McGraths defence that sealed the deal.
3. Not long until the games begin! Feel the hype!

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Okay. Went through 7 different receive sms services and none of their numbers worked. Got a new identity (in tor browser) every now and then as well.

So its pretty hard to get a google account with no personal info.

Okay here goes nothing.

I'm but I'm testing if its still possible to create a account with little or no personal info given to google.

If one tries to create a google account with google needs a phone number. Is there any services out there that would allow you to create disposable number to receive their silly verification code and forget about it?

And can somebody please find me that tune at the beginning of ? It always makes me smile and sets a really nice atmosphere for the .

Yet another good listen. You are not so smart is amazing .

You Are Not So Smart: YANSS 161 – How to use brain science to break bad habits by escaping the ‘event horizon of the black hole of anxiety’ youarenotsosmart.com/2019/08/2

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