Anyone running their own got dino-conversations-dino audio/video working? I thought I had everything in place but it only rings and never connects.

If you have could you maybe give some pointers that I should check?

Self hosting is nice but my first raid1 disk failure is making me nervous. Especially as the failed disk seemed to contain the and I can't boot into anything.

What now? Lots of searching I guess.

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What's wrong with (modern) computing?

- Computers spy on us all the time
- Computers are insecure, while pretending not to to be.
- Computers enable new modes of rent seeking, further exasperated by shitty patents and worse laws
- Computers/the modern internet encourage behaviors which are bad for our mental health as individuals.
- Computers and the modern internet, in concert with modern capitalism have built a world essentially without public spaces.

You know, all that bullshit.

Dipping my toes to and I'm so lost. To me all this seems like a hot mess after learning basics of python.

That's it. Carry on.

is still intriguing. I tried to read, and theres a lot to read, about the way my cat pictures would be spread out.

If you are more adept reader and know the answers please do englighten me.

1.) Who can actually see my cat pictures if I join a pub?

2.) Who can see my cat pictures if I only connect with two of my friends via (which isnt actually working for me)?


Finnish politics in Finnish 

Samaan hengenvetoon on todettava, että aivan turha meidän on vihata pelaajaa. Pitäisi vihata peliä, mikä kannustaa ja pakottaa moiseen pelleilyyn.

Edustuksellinen demokratia vuonna 2021 == peliä pelin vuoksi.

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Finnish politics in Finnish 

" viittaa myös arvioihin, joiden mukaan oli teatteria tai arvoton näytelmä.

'Minusta se ei ole koskaan arvotonta puolustaa omia poliittisia periaatteitaan, eikä koskaan ole arvotonta puolustaa Suomen vakaata taloutta.'"

Anna mun kaikki kestää.

All the press I've read about the in it all says the same things. "We need to fight this globally, not locally. One good way is to ensure that can be manufactured globally."

Sure. True. Yeah, why not. But could we also address the elephant in the room? How about, and hear me out, if we put a stop to the haves and their profits over this pandemic.

Free the vaccines so everyone can make em and take em. Let the haves cry themselves to sleep in their yachts an the have-nots live.

That would be grand.

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I am thinking about getting an e-paper device, and I'm looking for recommendations or just opinions from people who have one.

Ideally I'd like something with free software and open hardware, but I don't know if that's possible.

How easy is it to get reading material on to the device?

#epaper #eink

Its time again!

Let's say someone used to create a software that I love. Now I would like to take this and give it a simple so that my grandma could use it as well. Grandma proof it if you will. I'm new to all this, especially the GUI stuff.

Help me out and push some links or helpful comments this way so I know where to look.

tl;dr need info on how to give CLI software a shiny GUI.


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Announcing XMPP<=>ActivityPub gateway project doubled with XMPP Pubsub end-to-end encryption supported by NLnet/NGI Zero (thanks again @NGIZero !)

#XMPP #activitypub #libervia #nlnet #e2ee #pubsub

"'...being a data collection service thinly veiled as a social media network.
Its parent company, Cayman Islands-based ByteDance, is expected to make nearly $30 billion in 2020 with over two-thirds of this being advertising revenue involving the transfer of personal information.
... harvests children's information including telephone numbers, videos, pictures and their location as well as biometric data, such as facial recognition, without sufficient warning, transparency or consent required by law for the benefit of unknown third parties.'

My favourite quotes. Not only then is TikTok a fucking toxic platform but it's also swimming deep in the offshore swamp and collects literal BIOMETRIC DATA. Just when you think capitalism is dystopian enough - it learns to recognise children and teenagers faces in order to turn them into better consumers and commodities.

It's also a miracle it's being sued at all by a conservative government so up to it's eyeballs in tax havens as well tbh."

Sometimes and redditors just brings the fire. It should be noted that it isn't just . I'm sure all of the surveillance capitalists are doing the same thing.

/me inserts video of Bill Hicks on

In finnish / Suomeksi 

Ketä muuta häiritsee HS Visio?

Piffillä ovat pistäneet hienon ketjun pystyyn aiheesta -->

"Yömajojen tilannetta pidetään kestämättömänä, mutta asiantuntija näkee niissä kilpailukykyä. Kolme syytä miksi kodittomien kannattaisi opetella koodaamaan."

No tässä kolme parempaa juttua vision turruttamille mielille:

Been trying to do my learning with (python and some web stuff mostly) and just found . I love this thing.

Thats it. Carry on.

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Bill Gates continuing to do evil under the guise of philanthropy.

"When Oxford University began work on its covid vaccine, it promised that the resulting work would be patent-free, with an active tech-transfer assistance program so that developing nations could manufacture their own supplies....

....That promise was broken. The Gates Foundation pushed the racist lie that poor people can't make safe vaccines - despite world-leading production facilities in the Global South - and convinced the university to sell exclusive rights to Astrazeneca...."

People are arguing if the vaccines should be targeted mainly to the areas with most cases..

Right now there are new strands popping up and we cannot be certain for how long these vaccines are going to do the trick.

Instead of being angry at the fellow not-so-rich person, blame capitalism and the rich. If we weren't so eager and willing to accommodate the rich on the back of this pandemic we could've gotten over this by now. Just open the manufacturing to everyone with the capability and we would've won this game already.

But no. We fail to see the forest from the trees. We picker among ourselves on who should get them next. Meantime the haves are laughing on their way to the bank.

Tested and Im pleasently surprised! Good job!

I'll give this a try for two weeks as my fix.

is suffering from whatsapp flight and some of my groups are a mess. Trust me to boast about my little server running smoothly and bringing my family and few friends together. All the time. works.

Cheers to the fine people at .

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