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"But everyones using it. It's free and easy. Can't help it."

reaches for new low and still I hear/read these comments. There's plenty of software out there that respects you and others. Settling for spying-for-profit software these days is lazy and harmful.

Just received photos from a new friend via . Had no idea he even knew about . Him using framadrop made me even more happier to receive these photos.

2nd day in , . Decade is about to change. What do now?

is just nice! Right now riding somewhere in Germany heading to .

Any tips for things to do and where to drink good Beers?

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Maybe I should just install my own server and try to persuade my friends and family to use that? I dont know.

(any good guides out there?)

This has to be the best. takes 14Gs out of my phones memory.. And because its so big it fails to create a backup to memory card. Better yet I cant download all the precious media either because Signal is taking all the internal space and signal wont download it to external..

This is amazing.

US politics 

Again, again and again. Trying to get my to or , using or .

No luck. It comes out as garbles mess with sound track all over the place not matter what settings I use. encoding works better but that isnt smooth either.

Im lost and frustrated. Maybe its the tools Im using. That would be too bad.

saved my little server. shat the bed for unknown reason (read amateur complaining about things he doesnt understand) two times and so I made the jump.

Its been up and running for couple weeks (even did some updates to debian and nextcloud). Im happy, people are happy and little lovely server is happy.


With back camera not working and screen almost detached and making ghost taps I'm looking at buying . So sick of these fragile, expensive to fix gadgets. I want something durable and easily fixable.

There is no official image yet though. So maybe I'll be trying to survive with this thing for a while..

Good: its saturday and I get to play with 10 people tonight.

Not so good: update broke my .

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yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/cou --> Worlds happiest country happily deems and as "safe countries". Not surprisingly people get killed and violated.

In short: don't elect like to your parliament, let alone to your government.

rugby world cup 2019 final 

Okay.. I think and his team made a glorious thing mashing these invidio.us/watch?v=OsBOWSjOLsE

I mean.. Wow! , makes me feel like I was watching . What a joke.

I'm so happy that I don't have to hate , so I cant just appreciate their awesome match against the , .

Cant wait for the final to start. I cant see past the English winning it but , have Faf and I love that man. All I know is that it's going to be a bruising spectacle.

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