is up and running again. Dishing accounts left and right to my family members and friends.

Feels good, man. I might have made a positive impact to my community.

@whirli I'm glad you enjoy it. Your welcome to use our nextcloud instance as well :)


We give a small chunk of size free to anyone, but usually only grant large quota increases to people active on the larger qoto network. For those people the quota can go up to an unlimited quota. For anyone using solely nextcloud and not a part of any of the other qoto services will be capped at 1GB


@m4iler Based on various speedtests mine are about 70mbps down and 35mbps up.


Nice! I use a similar allwinner a20 board, the cubieboard 2 they do the trick.

Very happy to see is on the fediverse too, didn't know that!

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