So my window to the craziness that is is slates . I just listened this episode

Did not know about this book that says how 1billion would be a good thing (for US americans I guess). I havent read it but Im gonna about the interview(?) anyway.

? Resources? just states how more people would innovate and more people would make it easier to solve climate crisis.

Someone needs to remind him that more people means more metal, oil and gases out of the earth. More cement, more wood, more everything. Id love to see the necessary leaps we, as a species, should be able to take to sustain 1billion US Americans.

How is this a printable idea? Or is it just US Americans feeling inferior to fascist China and need ideas how to get their self-perceived exceptionalism back?

@whirli not all Americans feel that way, just the orange one and his zealots.

@craftyguy I dont think Yglesias is a big fan of the orange one? Its seems like it was a fun idea to write a book about.

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