The official app in is GSF dependent.

Should we maybe take wee pause here and have a national, or global even, comversationabout the absurd situation we are in?

Right now, to get your hands on official, government funded, pamdemia app, you _must_ be or customer.

Is this fine?
Why not?

Help with , appreciated.

Updated my from , double checked my DMZ and ports on my router, ports on my ufw, is running, everything is up to date with prosody.

Still no luck with the calls. It rings, answers, tries to connect and fails to connect.

Outsourced , to With Virtually No in Place: Report

"But everyones using it. It's free and easy. Can't help it."

reaches for new low and still I hear/read these comments. There's plenty of software out there that respects you and others. Settling for spying-for-profit software these days is lazy and harmful.

is up and running again. Dishing accounts left and right to my family members and friends.

Feels good, man. I might have made a positive impact to my community.

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