6nations round2 

, even with all the mistakes, was convincing against .
1. My feeling is that we won't see North or Tompkins in red shirt for awhile.
2. The demigod, leader of men, Alun Wyn Jones was immense. I would have picked Tipuric as the losing motm, though.
3. Henshaw looked like he needed to prove something. On fire! Let's hope he makes a speedy recovery.

failed yet again. stole this. There's something weird going on with the Scottish team. As is tradition. Dreadful game because of the weather. Looked like one of our games.
1. I still don't get the three sevens in the back row.
2. I'm afraid Hogg is not coping well with the pressure he himself might be creating for himself. But that run and kick was pure class.
3. Kicking can be hard.

won . Nuff said.

Rugby 6nations 2020 round1 

Friend spoiled the score of the vs score so didn't even bother. Poor Italians...

vs was a messy match. Both teams seemed to break the line with ease. Sort of. Happy to see more expansive game from the Irish. Sexton though.. I'd have few stern words with him if I was Farrell. I bet the English are not looking forward to their next match. Scots are going to come all gunz blazin.

vs was Dupont show. As a nine myself that boy is something else. What a competitor! Loved the new France. I bet them for the "black horse" like so many others and with that defence they are absolutely going to rock this year.

Roll on round2!

I'm so happy that I don't have to hate , so I cant just appreciate their awesome match against the , .

Cant wait for the final to start. I cant see past the English winning it but , have Faf and I love that man. All I know is that it's going to be a bruising spectacle.

On a bus heading to match. Trying to watch match vs from coaches laptop. Good times.

Talking about it reminded me to advertise the great guys of invidio.us/watch?v=5z6TBd7nQMo

They'll be pushing stuff out to youtube via spark sport. I highly recommend to watch their videos.

31 man team is out: the42.ie/ireland-confirmed-wor

1. Maybe Im just uncultured scrumhalf and fail to see the big benefits of picking Kleyn over Toner.
2. Marmion was left out. Even as a Leinster supporter that seems harsh but maybe it was McGraths defence that sealed the deal.
3. Not long until the games begin! Feel the hype!

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