"'...being a data collection service thinly veiled as a social media network.
Its parent company, Cayman Islands-based ByteDance, is expected to make nearly $30 billion in 2020 with over two-thirds of this being advertising revenue involving the transfer of personal information.
... harvests children's information including telephone numbers, videos, pictures and their location as well as biometric data, such as facial recognition, without sufficient warning, transparency or consent required by law for the benefit of unknown third parties.'

My favourite quotes. Not only then is TikTok a fucking toxic platform but it's also swimming deep in the offshore swamp and collects literal BIOMETRIC DATA. Just when you think capitalism is dystopian enough - it learns to recognise children and teenagers faces in order to turn them into better consumers and commodities.

It's also a miracle it's being sued at all by a conservative government so up to it's eyeballs in tax havens as well tbh."


Sometimes and redditors just brings the fire. It should be noted that it isn't just . I'm sure all of the surveillance capitalists are doing the same thing.

/me inserts video of Bill Hicks on

@MrMaxPowers247 Yes. I'm the lazy one criticizing the woke from uneducated stance. I've seen these who.int/emergencies/diseases/n

Those seem to contradict a lot of the thing you woke people keep saying.

no facebook links? No noagenda urls? Nothing? How am I suppose to do any research?


Yes. Doing research means different things to different people. I personally like to get my information from studied professionals, not from an opinionated laypersons in the internet

I am curious where do people get this notion that it isnt a vaccine and it doesnt prevent infections or the spreading of the virus? I'd love to read about this. Especially as your own cdc has come up with this simple and understandable info-site cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/

More over, have you seen how mortality rates fell in Israel and England after they started to vaccinate people?

Yes. Because nothing is more like seizing the means of production from the owning class than wanting people to have vaccinations against preventable, deadly disease.

Nazis might have even been that practical, no doubt. But have you checked the survival rate of the risk groups? I mean, I think nazis might like the idea of letting the weak ones die.

In finnish / Suomeksi 

@Rynach Ei huono idea.

@m4iler we have no actual translation for this saying and there are a lot better translators out there. That said, I'd say it might be something along the lines of
"Tämän takia meille ei voi antaa kivoja/hyviä juttuja/asioita."
"Tämän takia emme voi saada kivoja/hyviä juttuja/asioita."

In finnish / Suomeksi 

Ketä muuta häiritsee HS Visio?

Piffillä ovat pistäneet hienon ketjun pystyyn aiheesta --> punkinfinland.net/forum/viewto

"Yömajojen tilannetta pidetään kestämättömänä, mutta asiantuntija näkee niissä kilpailukykyä. Kolme syytä miksi kodittomien kannattaisi opetella koodaamaan."

No tässä kolme parempaa juttua vision turruttamille mielille:
1.) hs.fi/perhe/art-2000007928842.
2.) hs.fi/perhe/art-2000006474531.
3.) hs.fi/sunnuntai/art-2000007923

@kravietz Like always in representative democracy: follow the money.

I still remember how here in Finland Nord Stream 1 and 2 just sort of cruised through the parliament and noone patted an eye. There was our chance to play hard ball against Russia but big money won and here we are again: fucked.

Our elected and not-so-elected leaders in EU can talk all they want and impose sanctions against Russian elite but we will still have our gas coming from Russia. Those words and sanctions doesnt sound so convincing anymore.

Really baffling those first two comments there. Smh.
Russia's blatant aggressions reek of either incompetence or boldness. I don't like one over other.

@brandon the pc is old athlon something that I got from a friend.

I havent bought any new technology for years now (I lie because my own pc has new parts). I hate e-waste.

@brandon amazing! Good luck with all that.

I have xmpp and mumble running on olimex. For me thats a big thing right now.

Next I'm going to go back to nextcloud on this huge, really old desktop pc that I got from a friend (and 16gb ram from local recycling center). Maybe throw in a pleroma as well. Cant wait!

@cqkyai en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betterid

I'm not going to read this because of a horrible and false headline but I'm just going to leave three searchable words for you:
1. Uighur
2. Rohingya
3. Bosnia

Have a better day!

Been trying to do my learning with (python and some web stuff mostly) and just found . I love this thing.

Thats it. Carry on.

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Bill Gates continuing to do evil under the guise of philanthropy.

"When Oxford University began work on its covid vaccine, it promised that the resulting work would be patent-free, with an active tech-transfer assistance program so that developing nations could manufacture their own supplies....

....That promise was broken. The Gates Foundation pushed the racist lie that poor people can't make safe vaccines - despite world-leading production facilities in the Global South - and convinced the university to sell exclusive rights to Astrazeneca...."


People are arguing if the vaccines should be targeted mainly to the areas with most cases..

Right now there are new strands popping up and we cannot be certain for how long these vaccines are going to do the trick.

Instead of being angry at the fellow not-so-rich person, blame capitalism and the rich. If we weren't so eager and willing to accommodate the rich on the back of this pandemic we could've gotten over this by now. Just open the manufacturing to everyone with the capability and we would've won this game already.

But no. We fail to see the forest from the trees. We picker among ourselves on who should get them next. Meantime the haves are laughing on their way to the bank.

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