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Local Harbour - Photo taken in colour and black and white.

Rope Coil

These wolves are running through the Fediverse!

Boost to help them on their way, and to help them them visit friends! :D

Let's see how many instances the wolves can reach on their journey! 🐺

@smallcircles @radix @GeeksLoveDetail @opencollective @conservancy Note also that as Open Source Collective is a 501c6, it *legally can't* transfer those trademarks or domains to a for-profit company.

Sending these things to a fiscal host like Open Source Collective effectively ensures that something like Gitea Ltd. can't happen. It's a great way to lock yourself off from being able to do unethical things.

I’m wondering if y’all can help me build a community of trans people of colour on the tag #TransPOC as i miss the wonderful people i knew on a different animal themed app.
After seeing reports of racism and bad moderation I guess i’m just trying to find my people. Boosts very welcome.

#Trans #Queer #LGBTQIA #LGBT #BlackMastodon #Black #POC

Today’s #APOD is a #video about the power of ten, made in the late 70’s.

I won’t share it here because I believe there are better and more recent videos to explain the HUGE scale difference between the very very small, sub-atomic and the very very large, astronomical scales.

I like the one below, made by Harry Evett. On that video you can see the difference between the smallest scale we know, until the largest one.

#Astronomy #Space

A cryptobro DMed me to ask if I wanted to join his mailing list.

I spent slightly too long making this to send in reply.

Can I get some help?

I tried making my first Omeka site, documenting sites of anti-Asian housing discrimination in Berkeley, California.

I'd love any suggestions or early feedback — technical, spelling, unclear text, etc. Thank you!


#Omeka #AsianAmerican #housing #glam

A new supercomputer simulation animates the evolution of the universe

It’s the most accurate, detailed glimpse of the early cosmos yet, researchers report

"This virtual glimpse into the cosmos’s past is the result of CoDaIII, the third iteration of the Cosmic Dawn Project, which traces the history of the universe, beginning with the 'cosmic dark ages' about 10 million years after the Big Bang."


To all Mastodon-admins: seems like there's an attack on all instances by troll accounts. Servers get slow because of it.
They use thousands of subdomains of My 'pull' queues skyrocketed.

I now blocked the domain and all is back to normal. Please check if you're hit too.

1st woman & first African American to receive a master's degree from University of Hawaii, and became the university's first female and African American chemistry professor. 50 yrs after her death, she was finally credited for her important work treating leprosy.

#BlackMastodon #BlackHistory

The decision to leave vs. stay at the fowl place shouldn't be framed as one about ceding ground because it's not— it's about complicity in proving a bigoted billionaire's business thesis.

That thesis is simply that there are enough individuals and organizations willing to remain despite rampant racism, antisemitism, and other expressions of hate.

Elon is banking on holdouts because he needs them to get advertisers to bend to his will. Staying on Twitter *is* ceding ground *and* fueling hate.

A woman was arrested for "chemical endangerment" for using drugs while pregnant. The problem: She wasn't pregnant. So officers released her, but told her if she gets pregnant in the next few month she will be re-arrested.

The people who told us we were overreacting when Roe was overturned were never arguing in good faith and also they were very wrong.

Something quite serious now.

For the past 2 years on the birdsite, I've enjoyed being part of Sarah Millican's #JoinIn - there for anyone on their own over the festive season who would like to join in a group chat to help pass the day.

We've had some great times, and I'm planning to support it here too this year.

If you're lonely, just post #JoinIn so we can spot you, or search for the #JoinIn hashtag, and just join in!

Good idea? Give it a BOOST!


The next meeting of the Paignton Library STEM Group is this Saturday (10th December 2022).

The meeting should be a mixed bag of activities. In addition to the usual coding that carries on from our Code Club, we have the following planned activities:

Some activities may take place in Room 12, at the end of the corridor, however our main base is still the IT learning centre.

• Chemistry Reaction Rates (practical)
◦ Molymod Activity
▪ Building Nucleobase models
▪ Building Organic Chemistry Functional Groups

We also hope to look at projects that people are bringing along with them.

If anyone would like to have a go, or carry on with Scratch, Hour of Code etc then there are computers available for this. It is advisable to to bring along login details for online platforms if you already have accounts.

If you have a Raspberry Pi we DO have a few spare monitors that these can be plugged in to, in addition to a few keyboards and mice. So all you need to bring is the actual Pi and PSU.

The purpose of the Paignton Library STEM Group is to encourage and support participation in STEM subjects. Our event aims to create a friendly hub for STEM enthusiasts to share, collaborate and learn. Please do bring your personal STEM projects to the event, we would love to see what you are working on.

Some of our regular activities have included:
- Coding, Robotics and Electronics.
- Science Demos.
- Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro:bit, Lego WeDo.

The event is led by volunteers, who run a blog about the STEM Group and projects being worked on:

Event Details:
Held on the 2nd Saturday of every month at Paignton Library, in the IT Learning Centre and if required Room 12.

Session runs from 11am to 3pm and there is no requirement to book a place.

For more details, please phone the library on 01803 714 460 or email

Under 8’s must be accompanied by a parent.

BOOM: Germany has just announced UNLIMITED public transport anywhere in the country will cost just $1.40 PER DAY.

Officials say the policy is aimed at cutting CO2 emissions and helping with the cost of living.

Anyone else think our government should do the same?


Israel uncovers section of 1,800-year-old Roman road

"Israeli archaeologists have uncovered a section of an ancient Roman road dating back to about 1,800 years ago, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said Thursday.

The section, 25 meters long and eight meters wide, with large fieldstones marking its sides, was uncovered about 25 kilometers west of the Mediterranean coastal city of Tiberias."


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