While we are building the software, there are some options to use the fediverse to find jobs or employees.

We can spend some time to set this up.

Would you be interested and if so, which ones?

Things we missed?

@silmathoron Neat!

It is giving a Rails 500 error.

Do you know if it is Open Source software that we could contribute to?

We've done some research and proof of concept with Meilisearch and ScraPy which crawls the public, indexable fediverse and indexes it in a blazing fast, Open Source search platform. But helping existing software is always better, IMO!


@flockingbird @silmathoron Yeah it makes existing tools better rather than keep making new tools from scratch.

@zleap @silmathoron

Unfortunately, @fedisearch is not Open Source. Author explains why, here: qoto.org/@fedisearch/104536265

This means I won't be contributing.

First, because there is no means to contribute to a closed-source project. Second, because I don't want to divert time and effort into a proprietary project

And thirdly, a "job candidate search" needs special settings & additions to cover the specific use-case.

And to achieve that, open source and -licence is a requirement.

@flockingbird @zleap @fedisearch arf, that's too bad... well, I guess all that's left is building it from scratch then...
Well at least you can have a look at Sepia, the search engine for PeerTube.
Though it is specific, it might give you some ideas:
(this one is open-source)

@silmathoron Thanks for the pointer!

Source code has interesting concepts and is certainly useful.

Unfortunately, what you say, appears true: it is very specific to Peertube. It ties to the peertube APIs tightly.

I guess crawling the HTML interface, besides being more "implementation agnostic", makes privacy concerns much simpler: any data found is public by nature. Using an API has the downside that it might expose data that people did not think would be indexed and searchable.

@zleap @silmathoron @fedisearch Probably not.

SearchX is a metasearch engine. Which means, is does not have its own crawler, but is a "proxy" to existing engines. But if you happen to know if of engines it uses[1] has a good index of fediverse profiles, it could work.

We've made some headway with ScraPy which then imports into Meilisearch. It appears that making a fediverse crawler and search doable in little time (weeks, or days). Open Source, off course.

[1] searx.github.io/searx/admin/en

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