Every instance on the Fediverse has its own set of rules written by the people who run that instance.

If you disagree with them, you can move to another instance with different rules.

This is how the Fediverse differs from centralised social media such as Twitter/Facebook/IG, there is no single group or person with power over everyone.

On Mastodon, you can see your instance rules by clicking on the "About this server" link in the bottom left.

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@feditips If you don't like any of the rules anywhere, set your own server up and take responsibility for the security, safety and financial support of the server.

@zleap @feditips "anyone can setup a server" is false information. Less tech inclined users are definitely not able to setup a server and misleading informations like this damage the Fediverse reputation, because it leads to highly frustrated non-users. Been there, done that, got no shirt. Personally I think that "everyone can setup a server" is a highly arrogant attitude.

@zleap @feditips To make that really true the multiple Fediverse flavor need to become WAY more userfriendly and hosting-friendly. Until then it's a solution for geeks and nerds.

@holzi @feditips Agreed, how can we make it easier. At the same time balance free speech / expression with safeguarding vulnerable groups

We can do this, we just need to convince users or potential users regarding that.?

@zleap @holzi @feditips

These are very good topics to address on the #SocialHub forum.

There are many issues where #fediverse can and should be improved. Fedi is still weak. I agree with Xanathon that the current take on things is too technical and geeky.

And I encourage people to join SocialHub community and raise their voice from different perspectives and background. For the purpose of broadening vision beyond tech stuffz I created the #FediverseFutures section.


@zleap @holzi @feditips thanks. Yes, I think it is important. The community needs to be more active in coordinating things together. Currently there's too much fragmentation, and it is holding back a healthy evolution of fedi.


@humanetech @holzi @feditips

Indeed we need to be more like Big tech in terms of vision and direction while at the same time keep that autonomy and individual platform idea, but under an agreed set of standards I guess.

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