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In a sane country, someone who commits espionage, obstruction of justice, sedition, or treason would be permanently disqualified from running for office because they would be rotting in jail forever.

So much winning.....Another 339K new jobs in May & Debt Crisis averted = another win for ALL of US!
While unemployment ticked up a bit to 3.7% the economy is strong, inflation is down & the Biden/Harris Admin has created over 13M jobs since 2021 thx to @Potus @VP @TheDemocrats

@zleap I think it's technically in Lincolnshire.. we walked out from near Sutton Bridge, it's a slog to get there!

Google Fiber's coming to town!

They're digging trenches in my neighborhood.

So, today's question (albeit late):

Should I stay (with AT&T) or should I go?!

Boost for better results!

Anyone here miss the good old days when every 5th post was about how awesome Mastodon was or someone reminding you that there's no algorithm so you should boost often?

Yeah me neither.

From 31 May: This is the first X-ray taken of a single atom - Enlarge / An image of a ring-shaped supramolecule where only one Fe atom is present in the... #atomic-physics #atoms #chemistry #physics #scanning-tunneling-microscopy #science #x-ray-imaging

Jack Goodman & Maria Korenyuk: War crimes evidence erased by social media platforms

"Evidence of potential human rights abuses may be lost after being deleted by tech companies, the BBC has found."

This was known for at least 3 years.

#warcrimes #facebook #youtube #meta

Gov. Hobbs flies LGBTQ pride flags on the Az executive tower for first time ever
Gov. Katie Hobbs decorated the Ninth Floor balcony with four pride flags to kick off the start of the official month-long celebration of LGBTQ communities across the country, the first time pride flags are flying from Arizona’s executive tower.
#Tucson #Arizona

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