hmm… maybe i’ll set up a (single-user?) pleroma instance myself…

this would take a while due to my laziness though, so I’m here to stay for a while. LOL

that being said… Pleroma instance recs?

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I honestly prefer Pleroma so much more than Masto.

UX wise, speed wise. Might keep this as an alt or something.

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as a general rule, no one knows what they're talking about
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Cosmopolitan C Library: "build-once run-anywhere c without devops"

Purports to create small ~40kb executables that run on Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. In the same binary.

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The other day I foudn this video about c++ and also this comic (sorry for linking twitter but is the best way to embed it)

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a decade's dust. witness the rise and fall, a civilization's worth of creative tools and machinery. the sediment of a lost heaven, universal shipwreck.

i finished a collection of music.

a lot of the time i overthink the grammar in my posts which leads to stupid typos as i rearrange the post which then leads to me looking stupid

while not original, (nor finished), i wrote a tool to remove automatically remove toots that are $MAX_AGE old:

happy festivus! I hope I’m not too late

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Got a question today from a colleague about setting up linux - they had apparently "installed linux", but were confused as to how this related to dual booting.

Looking over at their screen and seeing the windows start menu, I realised that they had not installed it, but rather just downloaded the linux subsystem from the m$ store and assumed they were now running linux.
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Back on anitwitter I remember marvelling at all the walks of length 3 there were from far-left users to far-right ones in the directed graph where (u1, u2) is in the edge set iff user u1 follows user u2.

Fedi, at least what I've seen of Fedi, is that up to 11. You get walks of length 2 or even 1.

Sometimes I'll open the fridge just to pop a single caper in my mouth for that burst of salty, umami goodness.

Some of my notes (or more accurately "stuff I do post-fresh-install") after running OpenBSD as a daily driver for a couple of years:

I update this page fairly frequently as I learn more neat stuff!

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