OK, I’m fed up with :pixelfed: @pixelfed. I think I’m done with it once this year’s is over.

Last night I bumped again into the issue of collections being limited to 18 posts. So I created a new collection with the idea of splitting my 30 photos of April between the old and the new collection (15 + 15).

Issue: because of the new UI, posts have two valid URLs now; eg /i/web/post/<POST> and /p/<USER>/<POST>?fs=1. When I tried to add a few photos to the new collection by pasting their URLs, it didn’t work. Until I realised I had to use the other URL.

Issue: when I tried to remove the last 3 photos from the old collection, the “edit” pop-up didn’t even show me those. Until I realised the pop-up takes its data from the page itself (not from an API call), and because of the infinite scroll on the page, unless you have scrolled down before trying to edit the collection, you won’t be able to edit but the first bunch of items.

Issue: once I understood that (and I scroll until the end, then click to edit, then select the last 3 photos), the dialog box says “Select a Photo to Delete”, the button is labelled “Delete 3 photos”, and if you dare to click it, a confirmation pop-up says “Are you sure you want to delete this?”. NO, I’M NOT SURE. Are you going to remove these photos from the collection, or delete them??