After my first three weeknotes, I think I can ✔️ this project.

Only 49 to go!

I just read, over the course of several days, ’s “Non-Libertarian FAQ” (years ago I had only skimmed it).

It is a brilliant text, as usual, and it reminded me why although I read and flirt at times with different ideologies I remain mostly a — why I don’t call myself a or an ; but rather someone with libertarian sympathies, or perhaps a (classic) .

It reminded me why absolute or as ideologies and moral systems, in particular, may feel rational, coherent, complete and desirable… without being any of those things.

Which does not imply, of course, that some specific governments nowadays would not do better by moving closer to the libertarian pole!

I’m getting really tired of the bogus argument “if we dispense with , worse forms of dogmatism arise to fill the void”.


First, a technicality: some of the secular forms of fanaticism that did replace in History were themselves religions. , and others have in insisted in the religious nature of (and my reading of is confirming that); from to showed all the signs of a faith-based ideology; has mapped all the tenets of a religion onto wokeism; etc. So in a sense, and others are right when they say that often religion gets replaced with worse stuff… but then they should explain what “worse stuff” they fear could replace the religion that we call, eg, !

And even then, this argument is tossed around with no supporting evidence: where’s the careful study of enough historical situations to prove that always (or even often) when some form of lost ground quickly, nihilistic or destructive atheism took its place?

If one removes broken tiles from the floor, of course there’s the risk that those holes will get filled with mud or dirt. But it does not have to be that way. One is also free to decide to level the floor with new tiles or with other material — or even to board up that entire corner of the house, and never step on it again.

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One of the best Spanish omelettes I've cooked.

👉 4 large potatoes 👉 1 onion 👉 6 eggs 👉 the best #oliveoil in the world 👉 salt

#omelette #tortilla #SpanishOmelette #tortillaDePatatas #food #Spanish
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That’s a good answer. I should have qualified my question (“…short of modifying the source code of humans itself?”).

Reminds me of ’s “Hedonistic Imperative”.

@tripu “Can sufficiently advanced #tech fix, or at least cancel out, the mendacity and fallibility of any mass of human beings — flaws that have...

In bros circles I’m the pessimistic spoilsport who reminds everyone that won’t usher heaven on earth and riches for everyone tomorrow — and when amongst clueless normies I’m the optimistic technologist who explains and defends and cryptocurrencies.


The irreducible question that will determine the future (or lack thereof) of , , ’s, and even is:

Can sufficiently advanced fix, or at least cancel out, the mendacity and fallibility of any mass of human beings — flaws that have manifested themselves invariably through History?


👉 A friend told me recently that central planning of the economy could actually, finally, work this time, today or in the near future, because increasing computing power means that ’s “knowledge problem” is gone. (I remain sceptical.)

👉 For a while it seemed that , the and wars, etc meant that individual investors could coordinate against the money behemoths to make markets more fair and fix injustices. (I was sceptical from the beginning, and I think I am more or less vindicated by now.)

👉 Are DAO’s viable and efficient beyond very limited, fringe experiments?

👉 Can we be confident enough that , , etc won’t rewrite their chains and change the rules as they go to serve contingent interests?

👉 Can , , etc actually, finally work this time if we entrust governance to a very sophisticated {network, protocol, chain, algorithm}?

Humans will always be able to override code, or lead the masses to ignore certain segments of code.

“In 1989, 23 of the top 50 (including the top 5) companies ranked by global market capitalization were Japanese firms. By 2019, that number was reduced to just one, at no. 38: .”


New year, new blog! (well, not really):

I just resurrected my from 2006. It had been missing for the last few years. In the meantime, I “blogged” on a couple external platforms. I never liked not owning the thing as I used to, though — and my old posts were all unavailable.

So here it is again, at the same URL as always! Apart from blogging there anew, I’ll be recovering all my old stuff and importing it there, so hopefully everything’s in the same place soon.

RSS and Atom feeds available.

“The Blood Heir debacle is a stark reminder that objectionable tropes and ‘codes’ can be found in virtually anything. White character helps a ‘POC’? ‘White savior narrative.’ Black character helps white character, especially at some cost? The ‘Magical Negro’ trope. White and ‘POC’ characters are perfect equals? Colorblindness. Zhao was attacked for creating a fictional world in which most slaves are white; had she created one with black slavery, she could have been attacked as a racist who can’t imagine black people in any world as anything other than slaves. (Meanwhile, less than four years ago, a short story cycle by the late Ursula LeGuin set in a world with white slaves and black masters was hailed as part of her ‘literary project of intersectional justice.’) The standards are so flexible and arbitrary that anyone can become the heretic du jour.”

What do you call it when an buys access to a -based game so that they can donate the profit they get from selling ’s?


“Floors don’t have to be swept in the unless they’re designed to need sweeping.”

I made precisely this point with some acquaintances recently: a metaverse where one has to pay for (or work somehow to) gain access to stuff that is inherently infinite and free in a world (real estate, raw materials, voxels, floors on a building, a more central location, IDs, communication channels) is a stupid, contradictory proposition. There is no scarcity in the metaverse.

Entering a metaverse with artificial scarcity in it is like boarding a plane that is designed to fly directly over motorways only.

being sued by again, this time in 🇮🇳 . Some members are mounting a defence.

Contribute with legal expertise, money, or diffusion. Also, if you’re a professor, you can sign in support of SciHub.

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