This is (again) mind-blowing:

Spawn a virtual inside who acts as a firewall filtering malicious prompts for ChatGPT itself, then test it trying to circumvent normal precautions by wrapping/disguising malicious prompts as narration, shell commands and the like (and it seems to work fine).

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📢 ATTN open source maintainers! My employer, Snyk, is re running an event in February called the Big Fix. It’s a month-long virtual thing where we try to put the focus on securing OSS, promoting good security practices and generally “fixing the Internet”. You can get a feel for it from what we did last year.: We are looking for OSS maintainers who can join our livestream on the 28th who can share share their security journey. Ping me here if you're interested!

Novel insight:

if your national team did poorly in the and you’re puzzled and looking for an explanation, consider that it might be that YOUR NATIONAL TEAM ISN’T AS GOOD AS YOU THINK.

And I thought we had hit rock bottom with those pardons last year… I really don’t understand how anyone can justify with a straight face the actions of our President; they’re blatant opportunism and selfishness, to say the least.


«Contra la concesión de #indultos a los condenados por sedición en Cataluña, en apoyo al Poder Judicial, atacado por el Gobierno Sánchez, y en defe...
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ashley madison got a bunch of dudes to cheat with what they thought were women, but were actually scripts - and dudes paid.

imagine how well that would work NOW

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There are 2 ways to sign up to the United Federation of Instances, for those wondering.

We have over 200,000 members but looking for more before launch.

One, and the most important, is as an instance admin bringing your instance onto the UFoI. For this you dont need to do anything other than ensure you follow our basic code of conduct. See the proposal/by laws for that:

Other than that you dont have to do anything to be a member, and you can be a one person instance or a large instance. You do need to promise to federate with other instances in the UFoI. Also you can leave at any time, no questions asked, so not much obligation.

The other is as an individual.. for that just let me know and ill give you access to everything and add you to the list of contributors. In this case you arent under any obligation either, you can join in on conversationsn, suggest edits, or just lurk. Up to you. Message me if you want to be a contributor and ill add you and check out the repo here:

Any questions first feel free to ask me.

For more information on ways to connect see this post:


I got so used to listening to at 1.5× the speed, and occasionally 2× (except for Rob Wiblin and Tyler Cowen!) that when I play a segment at normal speed for whatever reason I’m amazed that people usually speak
sooo veeeeeeryyy sloooooowlyyyyyy

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Truco de vida: date de 8 a 12 horas de tiempo a solas por la mañana para prepararte mentalmente para el día.

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United Federation of Instances Proposal

I tagged below everyone who asked me to tag them. I have now started a gitlab group and project where we can discuss the proposal transparently and with a good recorded history.

Please start discussions by creating issues, and any edits you have to the proposal please edit on gitlab and submit as a merge request, which can then be discussed.

I will write the CI code to make sure the document gets compiled.

I will try to leave the mass-message like here just to the major developments as it feels a bit spammy. I will only send out one more notification once the by laws draft is up. Of course if anyone does not want to get notified let me know and ill leave you off from future discussions.

@timezoneless @floppy @ufi @ufoi @skanman @john @stevenclyman @robryk @ejg @dashrandom @Romaq @ichoran @AlanOutback @tsomof @aebrockwell @Ryle @tatzelbrumm @Gaythia @realcaseyrollins @stux @stux @trinsec @khird @darnell @jq

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I ran across the FLICC model of science denial a while ago while reading How to Talk to a Science Denier by Lee McIntyre. I can say that throughout the years of engaging flat-earthers, stop-the-stealers, creationists, Covid deniers, vaccine skeptics, QAnon believers, and the like, I have faced every one of the techniques outlined. (Image Source)

, , ,

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I saw someone write “without ads, who pays for this place?” And it’s always been a good question. But we can and should strive for places that are paid for by who can afford it, for those who can’t. Donate to your server instance if you have the means, but also to the mastodon project if possible - your traffic propagates to other instances and generates traffic there.

So we’re moving to a new, more spacious soon, and I want to have a political world map covering an entire wall. That’s been a desire of mine for a while.

Does anyone know a place online to order such a gigantic poster? Or, do you know where I could find a very high-res of the world that I can chop, print, and stick on the wall piece by piece?

(I live, and will continue to live, in the metropolitan area, .)

Quite interesting. 2022 report of Reuters Institute about the relative of in 🇪🇸 :


Also, Political Watch applies the Ad Fontes Media methodology to the Spanish landscape and comes up with this report about :

Interactive version here:


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Big rumblings in the expansion of the #Fediverse have been happening recently.

#Tumblr has already promised to implement #ActivityPub (the protocol Mastodon uses), which will mean you can follow Tumblr accounts from here and vice versa. And today we a learning that #Flickr is also considering it!

This will be a massive expansion bringing, which obviously carries some uncertainties, but I, for one, welcome our new federation partners.

This is the way the internet is supposed to work.

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I need app developers to understand I want to always, without exception, exclusively, open links in the system default browser, and never ever open them in an in-app browser.

Two small kids,
two jobs,
and thirty-six students.

I have two jobs and two small kids. #UniversalDisclaimer #SorryIWasLate #IHaveToSayNo #DontWaitForMe
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