🏃 (three days ago)
5.22 km / 30′05″ @ 10.4 km/h ≡ 5′43″/km
~366 kcal

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Fellow lovers out there:

Is there a decent free nowadays, with binaries available for a good range of devices? :android:
In particular, I’m trying to revive an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (SM-T310) that I had declared a lost cause already…

@freemo I sent you a DM on Apr 9. Did you see it? Nothing important/urgent — just to confirm my DMs reach you… Thanks!

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10. URLs in descriptions and comments do not become links automatically.

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Keeping the backlog of media I consume under control:

- 12 articles to read
- 12 podcasts episodes
- 12 videos in a list in NewPipe

Inevitably, I add new media to the lists daily from Twitter, etc.

Once a day I select 12 articles/podcasts/videos, and delete the rest.

[ 🇪🇸 ]

titula una entrecomillando un tuit satírico cualquiera, escrito por nadie importante, que no tiene ninguna relevancia en absoluto, y que está escrito… como si fuese el titular de una noticia. El resultado es una noticia que no dice —pero torticeramente parece que sí dice— algo muy concreto que de ser cierto —no lo es— sería grave y consecuente. Y todo esto en un artículo en el que precisamente acusan a otros periodistas de mala praxis, de parcialidad, de falta de rigor y de insultar al . :vomit:


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🏃 (cross-country fartlek among steep olive groves)
4.76 km / 28′52″ @ 10 km/h ≡ 5′58″/km
~346 kcal

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It’s their way to flex their self-worth.
You should’ve known better :ablobgrimace:

Only justification: preemptive apologies when (miss)typing on small portable devices. But even then, you don’t need to go with the default message: when I used to send e-mail from my phone, all my messages had this line at the bottom:

“Written on the go — please excuse brevity and typos.”

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I can’t stand the
“sent from my iPhone”
footer in mail, nor the
watermark on photos, nor any of those stupid ads.
How come folks don’t disable them immediately after unwrapping their new device?

“The most important thing in is that the most important thing is the most important thing.”


[ 🇪🇸 ]

Estas son las opciones para de las que estás oyendo hablar:

Y estas son todas las opciones que tienes disponibles:

De nada.


For reference (), the source of qoto.org/@tripu/10609816163029 is:

*This is _a test_.* (`MD`). /Ignore./
_foo_ *_bar_* _*baz*_ *qux* **quux**

* one
* two

1. one
1. two
1. sub1
1. sub2
1. three

code is neat

code is neat

const foo = null;

> *Quoted _verbatim_ here*, including [a link](example.com/)


This is _a test_. (MD). /Ignore./
foo _bar_ *baz* qux quux

  • one
  • two
  1. one
  2. two
    1. sub1
    2. sub2
  3. three
code is neat
code is neat
const foo = null;

Quoted _verbatim_ here, including a link


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