Chapter VIII of Book III is the best in ’s so far.

I’m highlighting so many insightful passages having to do with , , rules of discourse, merit vs chance, etc. And it is the more timely for me as I’m right now pondering the value of debating ideas with strangers, and of more broadly.

I shall share many quotes and thoughts on a blog post when I’m done, as I’ve done with the previous two books.

“When you demonize those who with you, you invite treatment in kind. When you refuse to engage in political and resort to performative , you make it clear to any neutral observer that, for you, there’s only one side, one , one conformist crowd.”

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*Boy, Spain and Italy are dong great, cheerfully said the American. guy who spent a lot of time in Italy and Spain

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It would certainly be a loss to the community to lose you. That said, I do understand how daunting social media can be and how inhumane many can be.

@QOTO @fidel

Even after the switch from Twitter to , and even after migrating from my previous instance to the haven that is @QOTO, I keep on having occasional discussions that I find very frustrating.

@fidel’s words yesterday resonate with me:

“I wasn’t anticipating […] the mental and emotional effort of opposing the hegemonic zeitgeist. This is something that has taken a toll on my happiness and mental health. It would be easy to bow to the majority and return to the fold, to avoid and , but I think I would feel bad about myself for intellectual dishonesty. […] One thing is the ideas you have and another is that you do not want or can dedicate greater efforts to supporting them in opposition to almost the entire society. I will focus on educating my children in the values that I want to see in the world. […] I will dedicate only to the topics that interest me […] and I will reduce ideological topics.”

I’m thinking of giving up , at least for a while.

We’ll see.

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You know what’s awesome? Every time I use my 1970s Hi-Fi stuff I just turn it on and it works.

There’s no updates to download and install, no notifications to swipe away and no Bluetooth that needs reconnecting.

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My sincere wish for the new year is that every maker of how-to videos instead of writing concise articles gets demonetized.

More end-of-year stats — this time my #2023 on .

Not bad! Although I wish they had more granular , eg by category (label), by domain, by type of resource, by month…

What do and have in common?

(Yes, they are both horrible opaque tools with no respect for user , usability or web standards that we wish we could ignore altogether but we can’t because they are so popular. I mean apart from that.)

Answer: in both cases, one can hide a good part of their profile and their activity by tweaking the settings appropriately and by not giving in to threats of missing features in a passive-aggressive tone.

More (sometimes minor, sometimes questionable) “good news” of #2023:

Related: One hundred things that went well this year (some whimsical, some debatable):
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Bring back self-hosted blogs, reinstall a feed reader, make your feed icon prominent on your blog. Blogs + Atom/RSS is the best decentralized social media system we've ever had!

And yes I am saying that as co-author of ActivityPub: self hosted blogs is the best decentralized social networking we've had

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I don’t think developers truly appreciate the fragility of software until their first run-in with an obscure file format for which the only converter in existence was written by one guy in college in 2003 and released as source only with no comments and requires applying a patch to a library to compile, but it’s not for a release version, oh no, it’s for a very specific SVN revision from a long dead server

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