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Prepare for the #Brexit benefits to really kick in from the end of the month, when border inspections really kick in and the "common user charge" on imports begins 😐


The Israeli Government has murdered three British subjects. Sunak's response? We're still waiting.

@ChrisMayLA6 After generations of breeding from the Young Farmers gene pool, British farmers are so ineffably dim that they festooned their fields with "Vote Leave" billboards, apparently without first asking their accountant where their income was coming from. Paying people like that to stand in fields planting potatoes (rather than letting them try their hand at banking, running the NHS or flying airliners) might count as a public good, but there must be cheaper forms of outdoor relief.

Well I guess they'd OK as coat hooks...but otherwise it could nasty nasty if one forgot to lower one's trousers and underwear

UK government lawyers say #Israel is breaking international law, claims top Tory in leaked recording - "Chair of foreign affairs select committee Alicia Kearns said at a Tory fundraiser that legal advice would mean the UK has to cease all arms sales to Israel without delay" #gaza

@harriettmb Not only does the Untied Kingdom have a state religion, it is also one of only 2 countries in the world that allows representatives of that state religion automatic seats in the legislature, i.e. the CofE bishops in the House of 'Lords'.

The other state is Iran.

I don't know why people have to constantly be reminded that it is impossible to shame a conservative by pointing out their hypocrisy. They do not give a shit

Create chaos (or use propaganda to make people believe there is chaos) and then put forward a strongman "law and order" leader is an old game. That's what's happening now financed by billionaires.

"Migrants," "rapists," "crime rate," etc being pushed by the right-wing information apparatus is ALL ABOUT getting people to accept billionaire-owned fascism.

#fascism #migrants #crime

Military: Energy facilities damaged in Russia’s overnight drone attack against Ukraine:

@bryanhansel @samlitzinger 👆Attn: @tanyatussing
That's NBC, supposedly the "good guys." Can't imagine what Mnuchin & Co. operating with tainted money would do to weaponize TikTok.

But a buck is a buck, right. 🙃🤢

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