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Popular Dark Web Hosting Provider Got Hacked, 6,500 Sites Down

WidowMaker Heart Attack Damage is Reduced by Cannabis in Your Blood

Cannabinoids protect your heart from the extreme damage of a heart attack, even against the dreaded WidowMaker. Image Credit: Screenshot of Youtube Video Late Night with Stephen Colbert It was May 201

Eastcoast will never defeat Westcoast. Sorry Kanye, you are defective. 2pac lives on. All power to the people. Your pigs smell like swine son

"Today, everybody uses open source code, including Fortune 500 companies, government, major software companies and startups. Sharing, rather than building proprietary code, turned out to be cheaper, easier, and more efficient. This increased demand puts additional strain on those who maintain this infrastructure, yet because these communities are not highly visible, the rest of the world has been slow to notice. Most of us take opening a software application for granted, the way we take turning on the lights for granted. We don’t think about the human capital necessary to make that happen."

-- Nadia Eghbal

Smoking that Mary Jane Marijuana cannabis thc joint may prevent a heart attack :ablobcool: :cannabis: :anonymous:

5G is already linked to rising health problems... concerns about "health calamity" on the rise

Fifth generation technology for mobile networks, known as 5G, is set to make its big debut in Sacremento, CA this summer -- but faster internet speeds aren't all this new technology is known for - 1/2

"Firefighters in San Francisco have reported memory problems and confusion after the 5G equipment was installed outside of fire stations. The firefighters claim the symptoms stopped when they relocated to stations without equipment nearby."

Questions Raised About 5G Risks Before Sacramento Launches Service « CBS Sacramento

'Out! Out!' Anti-Caravan Protests Erupt on US-Mexico Border (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Tijuana, where one of the migrant caravans has reached the US border is unable to handle the ‘avalanche’ of people, the Mexican city’s mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said, estimating that they will stay there for at least six months as they wait to file asylum claims - 1/2

.puts the stamp of nobility upon the peoples who have the courage to meet it." Ironically many Italian army conscripts had little support for wars against peasants, workers, and the poor of other countries and of their own. The best fighters the Italians had were the partisans: guerrillas, underground fighters and others in the hills who only got close to Benito in order to kill him. Difficult to get sentimental about it."
--Michael Parenti, BLACKSHIRTS AND REDS p. 12 - 2/2

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