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A very interesting study on effects on offspring of mice suggests that spatial memory and issues for one generation. Could it be that / could be the result of parental drug use? What about / ?

What if this is 's problem? Wouldn't it be nice if sending 's cats could stop the war?

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A Strange Thing Happens to Wolves Infected by Infamous Mind-Altering Parasite : ScienceAlert

A study of 26 years' worth of wolf behavioral data, and an analysis of the blood of 229 wolves, has shown that infection with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii makes wolves 46 times more likely to become a pack leader.

#introduction since I’m finally (sort of) set up. I’m Eric. I’m a formet middle school English teacher turned education researcher/data scientist. I work for a large school division outside of Richmond, VA helping use data to improve stuff for students, teachers, and families. In my spare time - when I’m not hanging with my wife, 2 kids, and dog - I enjoy reading, CrossFit, and the occasional video game


Yeah, just put #Introduction somewhere in your post and it'll be caught by anyone searching for that hashtag.
Also use hashtags for your interests, like #Linux #BSD #FOSS #Justice #Poetry #MastodonAddictButICanQuitAnyTime 😅

There's no word search in Mastodon (on purpose) so you have to WANT your post to been seen by the general public through hashtags.

#introduction I’m a research scientist at #fisheries and #oceans Canada. I’m interested in the movement and behaviour of #benthic #invertebrates, their distributions and the impacts of #climatechange My research focuses on #fisheriesmanagement and #aquaculture I use #acoustictelemetry lab experiments and #rstats Originally Scottish now an aspiring Québécois.

never done #introduction on my previous account but heck, why not.

hi, I'm noodle. I don't post much myself, mostly just boost other people's toots or reply with dumb jokes.
sometimes I draw. sometimes I sing. in polyphony.
I'm a big fan of Linux, online privacy, and all things #foss. I work in a completely unrelated field and try to keep it separate from my online life.
huge sucker for #solarpunk - both the aesthetics and the philosophy, as well as #conceptArt & unfinished/in progress pieces.

Also, a brief #introduction: I'm Meghin, a #PennState grad and #journalist (#weare!) who has a passion for audience work in the digital journalism world. I love learning new things about it too and trying to incorporate that into my job.

I'm a huge #music junkie, and occasionally moonlight as a music writer. I'm also someone with #ADHD (a curse and a blessing in this field!) I have a love/hate relationship with hashtags.

Ok. Fine. I’ll toot.
#Introduction I’m Jade Teakell, MD PhD, #nephrologist:renal: ​in Houston. I’m clinical faculty at McGovern Med School & assoc program director for the nephrology #fellowship @UTKidney 🏫
Interests = home dialysis specifically #PeritonealDialysis, #SDOH in CKD, #Nutrition in CKD, health equity

#NSMC intern 2021 ➡️ #NSMC faculty
#NephJC editorial team
#VisualAbstracts for KI Reports & PDI
#AskRenal team member

👋 Hi!

i’m pretty sure i did i wrong the first time so: #introduction take two

i’m a #linguistics phd student n my main squeeze is #prosody. i’m into #FOSS & in the process of switching from macOS to #linux. other interests include #blaseball #videogames #art (in the making & appreciating sense) #SFF (sci-fi spec fic) & general handcrafts. i have two dogs & never enough houseplants.

After migrating to this new server it seems like my old #introduction doesn't exist anymore.

I am a senior researcher at in #quantumcomputing.
And I am generally interested in #ml, #quantum, #quantuminformation, #quantumcomputing and #cs.

I haven’t done my #introduction yet. Hello! My name is Jason, and I’ve spent the past two decades living in northern Japan, teaching English and being a nature photographer. I’m happily married and enjoy my life here. I’m looking to follow fellow photographers. Let’s get a great photog community going here. よろしくお願いします。

Welcome to new users @Leaf_t @Japa @GreggC and @chapworthy

If you'd like, please post an #introduction with a hashtag. And don't forget to check the Federated timeline, (globe icon) and find and follow other people you know on other servers.

The more people you follow, the better your experience will be on the #fediverse

I've really been enjoying browsing the #introduction hashtag. I recommend checking it if you haven't and saying hi to folks. So many interesting stories and intros. There's a really cool community forming here.

I'm Jennifer McMurray. I'm a jill of all trades, but a master of none.

I'm a freelance video game journalist, computer historian, artist, animator, photographer, filmmaker, voice actor, musician, and comedian.

I also have a weird obsession with collecting electronics adapters.

#introduction #introductions

Decided to switch over to the server, so here's my #introduction again!

I'm a second-year MD/PhD student at Einstein Med interested in #genomics, #bioinformatics, the heart / #cardiology, and #spacemedicine !

#introduction Hello Mastodon! I'm a writer and physician and I have my first novel coming out in March '23! I hope to connect over #books #writing #WritingCommunity #MedMastodon #parenting

Hello Mastodon. Nice to be here with you. You should let me know if you have any questions about Kansas City. I live here. #introduction

Here's my #introduction.

I am a retired civil engineer with experience in offshore structures.

I have been a #Linux user since 2001 and have enjoyed using #FOSS ever since. I came back to #mastodon with the #TwitterMigration.

I was first introduced to computer programming with #FORTRAN IV nearly 50 years ago and now do some minimal programming in #python and C++. I have a few small projects on #github using the same name as here.

I also do some #3dPrinting and enjoy using #octoprint (...)

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