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swearing about satellites 

Oh god I redid the math on re-entries:

Each Starlink v2 sat weighs 1250kg. They plan to have 42,000 of them in orbit.

Each satellite has a planned lifetime of 5 years. That means they'll be de-orbiting and replacing ALL of them every 5 years.

That comes to 23 sats per day, which is 29 TONS OF SATELLITE every day.

It doesn't go away, it gets added to the upper atmosphere. Most of the mass is aluminum. What the hell is that going to do?


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噢对了,伯明翰帮助我很多的那位老师叫Ella Hawkins,大家快去关注她的推特,因为,这是她做的饼干:

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💮 I posted this in a comment and thought I'd share it with you too!

This is a "night-blooming cereus." It's a large plant with long, gangly leaves on long, tough stems. A type of cactus with no thorns, they can hang in baskets and become quite long.

A blossom forms quickly over several days, then opens just for one night. By the next day it's faded. They are very frangrant. I had this cereus for over a decade (it now lives with a friend back in the US).

#BreitensteinArt #flowers #photography

Nintendo’s CEO recently said “If we reduce the number of employees for better short-term financial results, employee morale will decrease” and is instead doing the opposite by raising pay to address inflation.

Some leaders are built different.


1. Google has some bad summarization telling people that throwing batteries into the ocean is good.
2. News articles were written about this.
3. Bing's "AI" interprets these articles as advice to ... throw batteries in the ocean!


The lowest ever recorded temperature in the US was hit today in Mount Washington, New Hampshire wind of -78°C (-108°F)! It even *looks* cold!

Video via:

#weather #cold

Every hashtag on every post on every platform should ALWAYS be camel case. I made this to illustrate how screenreaders read hashtags depending on whether they are lowercase or camel case.

It’s a small thing that all of us can do to build a more inclusive, accessible internet for all. Please take the time to use camel case.

#Accessibility #WebAccessibility #Usability #Readability #Hashtags #SocialNetworking #Blogging #UX

@futurebird Twitter is closing their API fully unless you pay for access, with a one week deadline. This means all the Twitter-to-Mastodon migration tools will stop working.

@futurebird Twitter is closing their API fully unless you pay for access, with a one week deadline. This means all the Twitter-to-Mastodon migration tools will stop working.

nostr 前几天好像就有嘟友发在时间线上,但当时没怎么看。
今天仔细看了一下,又注册了几个帐户实际体验了一下。感觉 nostr 不太行。
先读github项目介绍,越读越感觉到熟悉,这不就是GPG的key server吗?虽然有很多的不同,但可供参考的地方也有很多。

再往下读,『Clients fetch data from relays of their choice and publish data to other relays of their choice. A relay doesn't talk to another relay, only directly to users.』,看到这里,我就感觉不太对。
relay 与 relay 之间不进行消息同步,这样的机制设计的后果就是非常强的中心化效应。
如果你了解 GPG key server 自然可以看出 nostr 协议与其的相似之处,不过 GPG key server 与 nostr 有一个很大的不同的,key server 之间是会同步 key 的。
例如:你在将 key 发往,因为 key server 之间存在同步,别人想要获取你发布的 key,没有必要一定要通过,通过 也一样可以获取。

但是如果 relay 与 relay 之间不同步消息,那么结果就是我将消息发往 了,如果你不想错过我的消息的话,你最好关注 。
因此,nostr 的自建 relay 意义其实并不大,因为你自建的 relay 没有人用。
可以预料的到在 SNS 网络效应的作用下,最终的结果就是形成数个中心化的 relay。对于 nostr 的终端使用者而言,虽然不是强制,但如果你正常收发消息,你最好关注这几个大 relay。

分析到这里,我们可以看出由于缺少 relay 间的同步,nostr 协议中的 relay 节点天生就并不是平等,而是存在一个与用户关注数相关的权重,关注人数越多的relay节点,在nostr网络中就越有影响力,越能迫使终端使用者关注该relay节点。
在这样的正反馈机制下,如果 nostr 网络使用者进一步增长,很快就可以形成数个中心化的relay节点。
查看了NIPS,目前也确实没有 relay-to-relay 的同步协议。

当然 nostr 后续可能会加上 relay-to-relay 的同步,但这又会带来新的问题,具体可以参考SKS是怎么被GDPR炸掉的。

因为 client-relay 模型,nostr 在隐私方面实际上是比 Mastodon 更差的,从图二我们可以看出 nostr 客户请求了大量第三方 relay 服务器,而这些 relay 服务器都可以知晓用户的 ip,用户 Public Key。
再结合前面分析的 nostr relay 中心化效心,最终的结果就是数个大 relay 可以获取几乎整个 nostr 网络用户的 IP ,进而建立起 IP-PublicKey 的映射。

同样由于前面所说的中心化效应,nostr 项目中所说的 Censorship-resistance 就是一句笑话。
对于GFW而言,只需要墙掉那几个大relay就可以差不多搞定 nostr 网络,比 Mastodon 还要方便。
而对于其一直与 twitter、Mastodon 比较的管理者 ban,那情况更糟糕,只要几个大 relay 联合 ban 掉某个 id,那就可以达到在 nostr 网络中事实上 ban 掉某人的目的。

最后就实际使用而言,nostr 的使用体验也非常糟糕。
首先是 relay 本身不支持媒体文件, 的上传媒体文件,实际上是借助 webtorrent 借助第三方服务来实现的(图三、图四),而这又带来新的隐私问题。
第二个严重问题就是非常容易错过消息,难以查看帐户的历史消息。nostr 的 client-relay 模式,意味着,如果你不想错过别人的消息,你最好一直连接着 relay,否则由于 relay 的不可靠性,你非常容易错过别人的消息。同样由于 relay 的不可靠性,查看特定帐户的历史消息也是一个大问题。
图一是我用新帐户查看你ID的Profile时的结果,可以看到历史 Posts 一栏是空白的。


Published in 2016, this brilliant comic by artist Joe Dater somehow feels even more timely in 2023. #art

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