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VLADIMIR: well? shall we sign up for mastodon?

ESTRAGON: yes, I'm

they do not move


For those who've asked - Northeastern will be recording the lecture and we'll post soon afterwards. I'm also recording the audio and will cut it with my slides (sometime soon) into a version I will post on YouTube.

(And there's still time to come down and attend in person...)

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Any moment now, as Christmas and (American) Thanksgiving get closer, people will start posting suggestions of things to donate to food banks and 'Reverse Advent Calendars'.

I can't stress this enough:
Just. Give. Money.

Food banks can usually get more bang for their buck than you can.
They'll probably be able to give you a tax receipt for money, but not for cans.
And it lets them buy, store, and distribute food in the volumes they need and can handle.

(Please boost to make sure people get the message.)

#FoodBanks #FoodInsecurity #Christmas #Thanksgiving #Charity #JustGiveMoney

I've found Postman to be the most useful tool for exploring the API. cURL is still problematic -- I've followed carefully a couple tutorials with no success and I can't figure out why. A simple python script using the request library works well but isn't quite the explore and debug tool that Postman is.

Next up is hook up some sensor to an MCU, send data to a Raspberry Pi running Node-Red, then have N-R use the API to update my Mastodon status. Day job+holidays likely push that out to the new year.

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Yes, that's a crow at my backyard bird feeder. Not an everyday occurrence.

Still using Postman to understand the API. GET fails, POST works

A few years ago I made an online origami simulator at - the app lets you import crease patterns and simulate how they fold in 3D.

I'm planning to build some new features to make it easier to design/edit crease patterns, and I made a short survey to see what people are most excited about:

If you're interested in origami (even if you are a beginner), please take a few min to fill out this survey, even partial responses are very helpful, thanks!

OK gurus.

I can use postman to update my status using the parameters specified by the spec but get a 404 when I use curl:
curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer myAccessToken' -F 'status= Testing Mastodon's API by updating my status'


Your account's Mastodon Preferences (over there on the right if you're on the web page in the basic view) are worth exploring.
Add filters, choose what content displays if there's something with content warnings or marked sensitive, slow down your feed, change how animated gifs work.

And lots more.

Make this place yours and make it work for you! Remember, you, your follows, and your settings ARE the algorithm here.

Has anybody played with the Mastodon API? It looks to be pretty straightforward but there's always a gotcha lurking. I hope to get some time to beat on it toward the end of the week. If I learn anything interesting, I'll report back here.

Thanks to @rpilocator I finally acquired a Raspberry Pi 4. Not sure what I want to build first. I'll probably just round up all the loose sensors in the junk box , wire them up to GPIO pins and write values to a Node-Red dashboard.

Or, I have a "robot" chassis, motor driver boards, etc. in the junk box. Maybe a desktop rover.

Or, I have a laser module, a couple servos and a new cat. Maybe a cat distracter to keep him off the keyboard.

Or, maybe the community has some ideas for Teach Yourself Python The Hard Way™

Studied biology as a youth. First computer I touched was a PDP 11. Entrepreneured until I got it dot bombed out of me. Did most of the jobs there are in software development. Currently a soon to retire scrum master. Fart around with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. Mostly just burning my fingers with a soldering iron. Words of wisdom, "Get off my lawn!"

Another escapee from Twitter. Let's jump right into it. Has anyone had any success sourcing a Raspberry Pi Zero W in the US? eBay price gouging doesn't count.

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