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Are you attending Society for #neuroscience next week?

Come to SFN Banter!

A whole bar with open air space has been reserved by ✨two great trainees✨ who singlehandedly corralled the financial support 💰💰 of many great scientific vendors.

#sfnbanter22 will be at Sidebar (536 Market Street) on Monday 11/14 during #SfN2022 starting at 9pm!

Now more than ever, we got a lot to Banter about!
🧠 moving to Mastodon
🧠 staying on Twits
🧠 starting our own social media site MarbleBurying dot com

We are looking for postdocs! (1) To study how brainwide neuronal activity supports diverse behaviors (w Kenneth Harris); (2) To relate the activity of a neuron to its pre- and postsynaptic neurons across cortex (w Alipasha Vaziri and Federico Rossi).

Since everybody is doing their #introduction ...

I'm a professor of #neurogenetics at University of Regensburg in Germany. In our lab, we do #neuroscience research on spontaneous behavior and learning from the consequences of such behavior: operant learning.

I've also been involved in infrastructure modernization towards #OpenScience for some time now, advocating to finally replace 17th century scholarly journals with 21st century technology.

Here's an updated #introduction to include useful hashtags!

As of Monday 7 November I'm associate editorial director at #PLOS. Was previously editor-in-chief at Cell Reports.

A starter list of my scientific interests: #biology #neuroscience #evolution #genomics #genetics #cellbiology #developmentalbiology #cognitiveneuroscience #cytoskeleton #neurodegeneration


Hello SciMastodon! Let’s neuroscience! This is my first post here so I put one of my favorite brains in the pic. Can you name the species?

Please do let me know how to follow all you neuroscience folks (and related scientists) so I can get in the conversation — just toot your handle at me! Did I use the that term correctly? 🤷‍♂️

Here is my #introduction. I'm Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University. I study the neural basis of cognitive function, cognitive development and plasticity. Most recently I have used deep brain stimulation targeting the cholinergic forebrain as a means of improving cognitive function.

I'm a (born Dutch) neuroscientist and very passionate about everything that has to do with brains esp. single neurons and networks. We (try to!) do theory, computation and brain recordings (in several species) in the same lab.

But I am also passionate about electromagnetism, information theory, digital signal processing, statistics, and machine learning.

And most of all playing piano (jazz, blues, classic) and watching the ocean (secretly looking for a job near the beach by the way...).

Will be at 2022

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