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"Try reading the following out loud:

Hashtag screenreaders for the hashtag blind and hashtag VisuallyImpaired read every hashtag HashTags out loud and so it's hard for people with hashtag VisualImpairment to get the sense of the post because it's being constantly interrupted by well-meaning hashtag accessibility hashtag allies.

Easier to read with a block of hashtags at the bottom:
#screenreaders #VisuallyImpaired #blind #allies #Hashtags #accessibility"
--original author unknown

RT @eu_snn
What are the generative mechanisms of brain rhythms?
New model explains typical M/EEG oscillations
by @Joana_Cabral__ & @Castaldo_Fr, @VohryzekJakub @LitvakVladimir, @RenaudLambiotte, @BickMath Friston, Kringelbach & Deco
#meeg #neuroimaging #brainscience

In a recent study, researchers created #brain organoids and infected them with #COVID19.

They found that “an excessive number of synapses were eliminated – more than you would expect to see in a normal brain.”

#Research #science #health #mentalhealth #medicine #covid #longcovid #psychology #psychiatry #neuroscience #neurology

Had a great time presenting on some #neuroscience #SciComm work at the #SfN22 Brain Awareness Campaign event! Next up: Presenting double-duty at the Trainee Professional Development Award session and the Early Career Policy Ambassador #SciPol #advocacy session - come visit me at 6:30 in the poster hall!

#NeuroscienceMastodon #NeuroMastodon #Neuro #NeuroscienceTwitter #NeuroTwitter #NeuroscienceMigration #NeuroMigration #SfN2022

A decade later and I still can’t handle the obscenely early sunset in my adoptive country.

Reminder that my deep learning course at the University of Geneva is entirely available on-line. 1000+ slides, ~20h of screen-casts.

Full of examples in PyTorch

@markhenick @PessoaBrain That seems to be the direction the neuro medical field is heading towards: “Brain pathologies amplify this variability through disconnections and, consequently, the disintegration of cognitive functions. The prediction of long-term symptoms is now preferentially based on brain disconnections.”

From: “The emergent properties of the connected brain” by Thiebaut de Schotten & Forkel 2022

After a couple of days on #Mastodon I’m very impressed & excited to be part of this growing community! #mastodonmigration

My only humble suggestion is that it needs more #tardigrades aka "water bears."

Tardigrades have survived every mass #extinction on Earth since they evolved about a 1/2 billion years ago. There are ~1,300 known species. And millions of years from now, they won’t even notice we’re gone.


I'm a Group Leader at HHMI Janelia working at the intersections of #ComputerVision, #MachineLearning, #DataScience, #Neuroscience, #Ethology & #HCI. I use #CV, #ML and tech to gain insight into biology. My most cited work involves animal tracking and behavior analysis. I love algorithms and trying to understand how, when, & why they work. But really I'm an engineer and want to solve problems however I can!

Outside work, I like sunshine, outdoors, #climbing, & #crosswords.

Man this workshop at Yale looks 🔥 - with Mac Shine, Randy Macintosh, Ines Hipolito, Michael Breakspear, Thomas Yeo and so many more

Whistler Scientific Workshop on Brain Functional Organization, Connectivity, and Behavior


Since I mentioned Citizen Science, I would like to share a teaser of what we do on Flywire - proofreading AI-mapped models of neurons of Drosophila.

This is one of the more massive and beautiful cell types found in the fly brain, the CT1. Originating in the central brain and fanning out into the optic lobe, there are only two to be found in the fly brain - one for each hemisphere. It interfaces primarily with the medulla and lobula neuropils.

#Science #neuroscience #Flywire

Nice and relevant work from Wineburg, Lewandovsky and others. Useful for those that are (like me) interested in the #philosophy of moderation.

This one is for all the new people on #Mastodon: did you know that the #fediverse has more than just a microblogging replacement? And that they can all interoperate with your Mastodon account?

Check them out!

Facebook replacement: Friendica
Instagram replacement: Pixelfed
YouTube replacement: PeerTube
Spotify replacement: Funkwhale
MeetUp replacement: Mobilizon
Reddit replacement: Lemmy
Podcasting replacement: Castopod
GoodReads replacement: BookWyrm

Perils of social media use 

Jared Lanier has a fascinating take on "twitter poisoning".

Do the design features of Mastodon—in particular, the absence of an algorithm deciding what content we see—adequately ameliorate the problem? Or is poisoning unavoidable when we create social networks far larger and more immediate that we ever evolved to deal with?

"Mastodon Is 'Antiviral' Design"

My essay on this:

Twitter (and most big social media) is laser-focused on creating virality -- i.e. training the joint attention of millions of people on one hot post/meme/story/event happening *right this instant* ... and doing it over and over and over again

Mastodon really isn't -- for lots of rich and interesting reasons

It's why some emigres from Twitter find Mastodon so baffling

This place embraces slowness and useful friction

Sunset in Kisarazu, Chiba

Was out at one of my fave sunset spots yesterday, It's across the other side of Tokyo Bay, in Chiba Prefecture. Takes 40mins from our place in Ōmori, Tokyo.

Was with a couple of friends who haven't been able to come to Japan since pre-pandemic. They'd never been out here. It was a perfect end to the week, all round.

Gear used?

Nikon D800E
Nikkor 300mm f/4
Hasselblad 503CW with CFV-50c digital back and the Zeiss 80mm and 250mm lenses.

#japan #photography

Continuing with my favorite fact from chapter 6 from my textbook: We all know the benchmarks for small, medium, and large effect sizes for Cohen's d (0.2, 0.5, and 0.8) and correlations (r, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5) . Except, they do not match, because converting one to the other yields different values. For the explanation, see

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