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Attention! I recently learned that the behaviour of lying flat out on the belly with arms and legs spread out that some animals do, often to cool off, by radiating heat into the cooler ground, is called "splooting." I personally have been calling it "going full rug", but I guess splooting is also hilarious. So here's a red panda splooting, in case you need a demonstration. #RedPanda

@jonny yeah the way we do science sucks all the joy out of something that should be absolutely full of joy. I love it when I'm in the zone doing, thinking and talking about science and then wham back in the desolate grey hole of trying to anticipate how best to write the paper to manage the feelings of reviewer 2 who is invested in the theory I'm challenging, and how to put just the right number of buzz words in to get an editor excited without making myself look like a snake oil salesman, etc.

I don't want to have to build a new publishing infrastructure and think of strategies and plans to deal with the inertia and vested interests that keep us from trying out new approaches, but I feel like I have to. If we let things continue to slide, we'll drive out everyone with a passion for actually understanding the world.

I’ve absolutely loved “How Not to Study a Disease: The Story of Alzheimer’s” by Prof. Karl Herrup, so if you’d like to read a bit more in-depth about that, check out my latest post:

It was a snowy night in Kyoto, with countless footprints on the stairs. #streetphotography #写真 #photography

Data sharing in neuroimaging: are you based in Europe and interested in data sharing? Please 🙏, help us by answering this very short survey (1 minute long). Our goal is to identify practical solutions for sharing datasets coming from different sites in Europe 🇪🇺.
[ 👉 Take the survey]( 1/5

Okay, I really don't understand Mastodon or the concept of servers but I'm trying to make the switch from Twitter. I don't know how to find people to follow 😂 pls help, I am old and new tech is now harder than it used to be 😅

The #openscience community is building a second home on #MastodonSocial. Are you over there, looking for others who care about #reproducibility, #OpenAccess, #oer, #opensource, #metascience + all other things Open? Join this list so we can find each other!

The ability to define and target cell types right now is absolutely incredible -- neuroscientists are answering questions that were totally intractable a decade ago.

I spoke with several leaders in this effort in my latest for Simons Global Brain!

Focusing on #Neuroscience this #FollowFriday:

@alicia_izquierdo — Professor at UCLA

@charanranganath — Director UC Davis Memory & Plasticity Program

@desdemonafricker — Research director at CNRS

@flavinska6 — Leader of UCD Music & Math Cognition Lab at UCD

@Garwboy — Author of Emotional Ignorance

@kordinglab — Integrated knowledge professor at Penn

@NicoleCRust — Memory scientist & professor at Penn

@PessoaBrain — Author of The Entangled Brain

@winstonchiong — Director UCSF Bioethics

Even if the presenter has made a wrong assumption, repeatedly interrupting them and telling them so without adding any new information will not magically change the following results based on that. All it does is humiliate them and unnecessarily prolong the talk. So please stop.

New study kills the myth of ‘Man the Hunter’ - women hunted in nearly 80% of surveyed forager societies.

Information about forager societies (allowing to reinforce the myth) mostly came from ethnographies written by 18th to 20th century white Euro-American men who visited communities and followed the local men around, often paying less attention to whatever women were doing.

#evolution #genderbias

When we get an infection, the reaction of a brain structure called the hypothalamus makes us feel sick – but its responses are also important steps on the way to healing. Read about how we heal from the hypothalamus in this week's post by Lisa Wooldridge.

#neuroscience #sciComm #hypothalamus #brain #illness #health #immuneSystem

EU initiative to connect all EU capitals with high speed rail. Let's get this to the moon! Please sign (if you're EU citizen) and repost the living hell out of this!

🔥 🚆 🔥

#Neuroscience is an extremely complex umbrella of many subspecialties. If you work in neuro, how did you choose which specific area[s] to focus on?

One thing that holds me back often is that I have an impairment in decision making. Inspiration from and communication with others about their processes helps

Corvid enthusiasts who were on twitter before coming here will remember my friend Kris Tsujikawa's crow photographs. Below, two of her latest, posted with permission.

Kris is on the board of PAWS, a local pet and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization, and is close to her fundraising goal for this year. If you miss Kris's photography, take a look at what PAWS does and consider making a donation to her campaign.

Next time you read a paper about the allegedly-magical capabilities of machine learning, remember that pigeons can diagnose mammograms with 85% accuracy with sufficient training

We are exploring new ways of running Neuromatch Conference (our international conference on Computational Neuroscience). How would you like to see it run this year?

Global Online Conference: Previously, we have formatted the event as a global online conference. In this case, there were no timezones. The conference had live sessions evenly spread over 48 hours, and all sessions were recorded and forever viewable.

Mind-matching Networking and Discussion Event: Talks recorded for this conference would be clustered into interest areas. You would be matched to a short playlist of talks that match your interests. Later, after you've watched them, you would be matched using our algorithm to a group of likeminded scientists and your group (which may include authors from original talks) would be given prompts to help you discuss them and your own research in context.

Other: Help us think about other ways to make online scientific communication better #neuromatchstodon #neuromatch #NeuromatchConference #NMC #ComputationalNeuroscience #neuroscience @neuroscience @academicchatter

Brenda Milner did a lot more pioneering work than you'd guess (see article). Remarkably, most of it is still useful after 60+ years! She will be 105 on July 15. Award committees, now is your chance to recognize her pioneering work and send her a great birthday gift.

Why large language models or deep nets are not conscious:

(Where I argue that we don't know what consciousness is exactly, but we do have an idea of what consciousness is not)

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