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love this. my father had life goal to write a book that would still be read 20 year after he wrote it. He did that. This, my first book, i wrote to be still valid after 5 years (i have low goals, lol); and it's now at 25. My agile book i wrote to be still valid after 20 yrs, and happily, it still is :) So I celebrate every time one of these posts pops up :)

just dusting off this old "information radiator" / kanban board / task list ... 8 initiatives running; major themes, minor themes, specific tasks on the outside. Done so I could scan which initiative needed attention, which task was tops .... also, was on my dining room wall, so I needed it to look a little decorative :)

Yo! My poetry book is finally listed on Amazon!
and wow, there is ALREADY a "Used" book available!
and i haven't even received my first print yet!
how do they do that?!? 😁

i loved making these drawings and describing them on the fly, till there was just a mess at the end :)

just saw this --- it's not as funny as it used to be hah.
(The Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch)

with two weeks to go, making some progress on the kickstarter for my 1st poetry book --- if it speaks to you, take a look and see if you care to add your support, and with many thanks from me:

With 10 days gone and 3 weeks to go, my Kickstarter for the poetry book is over 1/3 funded! Please do pass this word to any poetry lovers you know. Hoping to get it funded by early December, with book on Amazon in time for Christmas presents.


and with many thanks

Am delighted to say that after 4 days I'm almost 1/3 of the way to the Kickstarter target! is amazing - Thank you to all of my friends ... Now I'm wondering if there really are enough people to get the project to the goal - is a bit scary ... who actually wants a book of poems about love and sex (nothing R-rated)??

Love you if this speaks to you.

I finally pulled the trigger! Kickstarter for a book of poems! Kickstarter & book both bilingual, English and Spanish.

¡Por fin apreté el gatillo! ¡Kickstarter para un libro de poemas!
Kickstarter y libro ambos bilingües, inglés y español.

just watching this and thinking what a beautiful metaphor of life: when you get into those trees, you can't be answering questions about "How's it going?"

Rereading Borges. The impossibility of describing an impossibly different experience
Love this man's writing.

Friends been chasing me around for at least 15 yrs to get this poetry book out. Finally running on it. Kickstarter built, waiting for approval. I'm more nervous about this than my first tech book.

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