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this is how i'm documenting MVC
I've never seen the inheritance part shown explicitly
it's from memory ... anyone find an error?

can't recall where i left off with my pics of the book i'm writing, so here is the title page and some pages i probably haven't shown yet. Tech people feel free to jump in :)
i'm pretty sure i have something wrong w the MVC discussion, likely one of you will find some things to say :)) webs for the win :) -- first of two

love this. my father had life goal to write a book that would still be read 20 year after he wrote it. He did that. This, my first book, i wrote to be still valid after 5 years (i have low goals, lol); and it's now at 25. My agile book i wrote to be still valid after 20 yrs, and happily, it still is :) So I celebrate every time one of these posts pops up :)

i'll be in europe the 1st two weeks in march, if someone would like easy access to me :)
and I know it's weekend, so I'll repeat this on Monday :)

just dusting off this old "information radiator" / kanban board / task list ... 8 initiatives running; major themes, minor themes, specific tasks on the outside. Done so I could scan which initiative needed attention, which task was tops .... also, was on my dining room wall, so I needed it to look a little decorative :)

of course, all the good fights are still happening on tw :))

I call them "retro-resolutions" - what surprises happened in the last year that might have made good new year resolutions last year if only you had known ?

For my 2022, i retroactively make(made?) these resolutions:

- publish one or two titles in my own imprint Humans and Technology Press (two was the answer)

- finally publish a book of poems ("Love Trio / Trio de Amor", even bilingual)

- rebuild my consulting after the lockdowns

- in-person consulting again

- teach a course to the French government in French (!!!)

- travel to a place i have never been before

all of those unsuspected on jan 1, 2022. I'm sure there are more.

What are some of your retro-resolutions for 2022?

Expansion on the question: XP was mostly tech practices for programming. Scrum contains no tech practices for any domain. People complain about SCrum that it misses XP's tech practices. Now I see general comments that "agile in general" is missing XP's tech practices, but they don't say "XP's tech practices", they say just "tech practices."

But agile is applicable everywhere, not just programming. When you are not in programming, XP's tech practices are not relevant ---- so, if we choose to agree that tech practices are essential to agile, we have to ask what are those tech practices that apply to some other endeavor.

People who know me also spot here that this is my way of rebutting the assertion that tech practices are the foundation of agile. if you/they can't name the tech practices for other fields, then the assertion "tech practices are the foundation of agile" is false.

So it is both an interesting question in its own right, and a challenge to the assertion. Typical Alistair styles, lol.

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I see this sometimes: To be agile requires technical practices, that's the foundation. If technical practices are ignored (which is the common case), we get FlaccidScrum.

I might agree, but I need to ask, what are the technical practices for an org transformation project? and what are the technical practices for installing a clean water system in a rural village?

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