I managed to learn a lot today without accomplishing anything. Things I've done:

- Setting up Grav as a custom webapp only to realise that the latest Grav requires PHP 7.3.8 which isn't Yunohost's PHP version, as Yunohost follows Debian stretch;

- Setting up Jekyll in Gitlab with a theme I want, but Gitlab CI confused me mid-way;

- Pico CMS as custom webapp in Yunohost was the closest to getting working, but a lot of plugins and themes are outdated;

- Dotclear2 authentication doesn't like Yunohost's LDAP;

I'm really trying not to use WordPress here but I have wasted all day on the above.

I'm also seriously considering ditching Yunohost with how restricted they are with my host.

But for now I've accumulated too much frustration and have to call it a day.

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