I can't decide which password manager to use. Should I use Keepass, Bitwarden or pass? They all seem like good candidates with different merits... For now I think I'll go with pass because there's a really nice dmenu script for it that makes it easy to use in any type of application.

I've used LastPass for quite some time. Any reason why you kicked it off your list of considerations? Very interested to hear and learn!

(I'm making the assumption you know about that one as well, of course, which might not be true though.)

@gka @pkok @peanutbutter144 online password managers are convenient but some people prefer to keep their passwords local. Some would also prefer an open source password manager. I think its also worth mentioning that Lastpass recently had a bug where a dodgy regular expression would allow somebody to access any password in your lastpass account: labs.detectify.com/2016/07/27/

@comphys @pkok @peanutbutter144 i have used keypass for a while before moving to lastpass. but i never really figured out how to get a multi-device system set up. syncing the keypass db between devices would be nice. is there any local password manager that can p2p sync with my other local devices? also i got annoyed with the keypass ui and the confusion about the different versions (keypass vs keepass vs keypassx etc)


@gka @pkok @peanutbutter144 keepass doesn't come with a sync feature built in, you'd have to use something like syncthing. As for the different versions (keepassxc etc) they are supposed to all work in the same way; you just choose the one you like the most. On Linux I find keepassxc to have the nicest ui, and on windows I use keepass. To my knowledge you should be able to switch between them without a problem.

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