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Such a shame about Musk’s appearance on SNL, really....

Happy women's day in middle school I got pranked by a bunch of girls and they laid ketchup packets at my seat during lunch, as I sat down and the ketchup got all over my pants they said I got my period :)

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When I was 14 I read Ender's Game and have adored that book ever since. Since then, at the beginning of Obama's first term, "clean" warfare has been the doctrine for the American empire. And here I am, 27, watching as that book becomes real life with every day. it fucking sucks.

These are the men that tell me that I’ll never be a woman and that I’ll kill myself

Ok here’s the plan: we put FTC filings and documentation into a machine learning model. We gather metrics on word vectors within them and correlating market performance. We then propagate completely procedurally generated filings and transactions that are optimized for market performance. We not only fool human analysts but the bots that monitor and extract data from these filings.

Need fit EE techbro Daddy and Asian milkers SysEngineer Mommy

Yeah here’s my take: wow gamestop tech capital good cool machine good uhhh I’m not human I’m a machine that buys off brand funco pops and old DS games

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machine learning to determine the author of a bad fedi post and then drone strike them

I'm looking for a fiscally sound yet precarious Type of Man. DM me if you want to fund a startup (Business model: Uber for sissy hypno)

One time I applied to a crypto firm that had nearly 0 web presence and basically this was their business model

good shmorning if I get a higher paying job should I get into ball jointed dolls?

>Assange not pardoned
>literal sub contracted babykillers pardoned instead

Machine Learning isn’t real it’s fake and gay!!!

Good schmorning time to watch my code compile for a hour / break

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