Apologies for pinging you (cold calling), but just wanted to say thanks for the thread of yours on tweeter.
I found it very validating, to see what an ethical person with practical expertise does when infected.

Makes me happy with my own life choices. :)

Sarah Palin's recent loss in Alaska could serve as exhibit A in the case that Malcolm Turnbull and I make in @TheGuardian for ranked choice as a possible path forward to fixing America's broken electoral system:

I do not personally feel that human extinction is likely, but I do feel we are currently on a highway to messy civilizational collapse and a long dark ages, and the key to getting off this highway is to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and ramp it down quickly. #EmergencyMode

Who can see your toots? Whose toots can you see? Found this clarifying graphic at

The best way to increase everyone's feed diversity is to go follow interesting accounts on other instances :)

@marcel I'm not depressed by the ones who do the research or actively fight for change. I'm depressed by the ignorance or silence of the rest. I have two kids, I cannot just skip facts about their future just to protect my mental health.

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