Let's start with the obvious: my fascination with (and, in the picture, part of my collection of) computers and, in general, vintage computing.

@mardonet It's a replica. Let me know if you want the info of the kit.

@stevelord I do want to do real software/hardware development in the Falcon, I just need to find time.
As for the Stacy, I use it together with my dot-matrix printer and make holiday cards. :ablobjoy:
But, mainly, I have them as collection items.

@AndresPlazaR nice collection, specially like the Stacy and the Pong.
You need a Mega STe or a TT :)

@Dbug Thanks!
Yeah, I know, the TTs are expensive; I'm waiting for a good deal.
As for the STe, I'm actually building one, based on Exxos' Phoenix board. Will post pictures later.

@AndresPlazaR Lovely collection there. Some real handsome machines in there.

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