This is my "Atari STe": a new board made by Exxos, the Phoenix. Almost all parts taken from a donor and installed, by me, in this one. Lots of improvements compared with the original.

cc: @Dbug

@AndresPlazaR I guess the biggest improvements are in regards to the reliability, DMA problems, etc... ?

@Dbug That, but also have a 3V and a 5V bus for different internal (future/development) components (for example the IDE port you can see there), MIDI internal port (to connect a Dreamblaster X2), etc.

@AndresPlazaR @Dbug Had no idea such a thing existed. Wow. And it's fully compatible, none of the STe demos glitch around and the games work fine? 🤩

@Datassette_User @Dbug
Yes, it is fully compatible because it uses chips from a real STe, so it is one. The board is different, and with some improvements.

@AndresPlazaR @Datassette_User To be fair, the ST/STe behavior is also highly dependent of apparently unrelated things like the power-supply or the value of pull-ups on the bus.

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