Another computer in my collection: a PC3, an 8088/MSDOS based computer!

@AndresPlazaR Lovely bit of kit.
5.25" floppy? DOS 3.1?
Waves of nostalgia for days long gone.

@smy Yes! It has even a hard disk. :ablobwink:
Not sure about the MSDOS version, I need to double check.

@AndresPlazaR A hard drive!! I remember the first family Amstrad had a 20MB hard-card as an add-on.
I think you might be earlier than DOS3 thinking about it if you're an 8088?
An interesting piece of history and I hope it lasts many more years.

@smy It is working relatively well; I'm having a problem with the monitor, don't know how to describe it. But 100% sure is the monitor, not the video card:

@AndresPlazaR What a thing of absolute beauty! I preferred the 'orange' to the green VDUs.
A long time since I've seen that boot screen.
Got a spare old analogue monitor to test with? Anything with the VGA connector? Is it older than that? Thanks for sharing!

@smy I checked with another monitor (EGA) and the image looks fine, so it is definitely my monitor and not the video card. But I don't understand much of CRTs, so it will be a slow/painful process.

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