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LastPass breach update: the attacker got (encrypted) vaults.

If you have users with weak vault passwords, now’s the time to change any creds those users had access to, and of course enable 2FA everywhere it wasn’t already. #infosec #security

You’d think since they’re called Zoom calls they’d go a lot faster.

"No one is obligated to tolerate intolerance. That's not how 'tolerance' works."

Grace Hopper, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
#Quotes #Tolerance #EmotionalIntelligence

What news publications have you seen set up shop on Mastodon?

I've come across the following that are active & appear to be legit:

- LA Times @losangelestimes
- NBC News @nbcnews
- ProPublica @ProPublica
- VOA @VOANews
- The Intercept @theintercept
- The Conversation @TheConversationUS
- Meduza @meduza_en
- Global Voices @globalvoices
- Grist @grist
- Arctic Today @ArcticToday
- Die Tageszeitung (in German) @tazgetroete
- Le Monde diplomatique (in French)

#media #news #journalism

CVS and Walgreens are now limiting how much children's fever meds you can buy, as demand soars in the "tripledemic."

Seasonal reminder: Alcohol is a completely legal drug that destroys lives, relationships and families. Don't make it hard for people who are trying to stay sober to enjoy festivities and functions. Notably, this response came in reply to an account promoting a right-wing news site.

Opinions from the right are the only ones he values.

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Week 1: We will finally bring free speech to the Internet

Week 8: Linktree is illegal

Coming up on the show from 3-6p eastern today… Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and Congressman Joaquin Castro plus suspended twitter journalists @donieosullivan and @w7voa as well as @mollyjongfast SE Cupp, Jefferson Morley, Mike Isaac, Bill Weir, Chloe Melas, and Brad Hendrickson - American helping civilians in Ukraine. See you soon!

Every news outlet should stand up a Mastondon instance for their reporters & staff.

It’ll be great to see or whatever domain they want to use.

Built in verification. Every reporter for the Washington Post on a washpo domain. Every reporter for the New York Times on an NYTimes domain. Etc, etc.

Plus the “local” feed for each instance becomes a feed of all the posts from that institution mixed together — providing extra discovery.

If you're trying to find journalists on Mastodon, I've created a verified database of several hundred here: Since the backlog has become enormous, the unverified waiting list is now public also:

another interesting idea is to deactivate/reactivate your account a lot. That's a heavyweight operation because it has to archive and unarchive the graph edges, and graph operations are complicated and often have high constant factors.

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People are claiming Elon Musk lied about those journalists revealing his location but to be fair they did all reveal that his head is up his ass

This is such an obvious point but it is so hilarious to me that Elon's free-speech crusade on Twitter lasted all of six weeks before he started indiscriminately banning reporters. Like what an all-time hilarious business story

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