Thanks for all the suggestions!
Problem fixed after rebooting the AP... But I hate that I don't know the real reason, and I just hope it is a one-off.
(I know, I should have rebooted the APs yesterday, but because the other devices were working, I did not think that could help)

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@gerg Thanks for the suggestions! I did check on kernel messages and other chains; nothing.

But this morning I rebooted the APs and that fixed the issue. Because other devices were working I did not do it earlier.

@danielscher Thanks again!
Rebooting the APs fixed the issue. I should have done it yesterday, but the fact that other devices were working obfuscated my judgement. 🙂

@danielscher Thanks!
Well, I rebooted, disconnected and disabled/enabled DHCP several times, so I imagine that would do it?
I checked the routing table while doing the steps above, and it always cleared. ☹️

@rom I haven't, but I guess I should... I hate not knowing the why. 🙂

I have the weirdest problem with my laptop, and I have no idea how to even debug it. So, I'm posting it here in case anyone has an idea:

I'm using Ubuntu 22.04; all updates installed.
Almost all the time, I'm connected to my home wireless network (router + APs).

Last week, the connection to the wireless was working fine. I went on vacation for one week; I took the laptop with me so it was not connected to my home network. Today I tried to connect to my WiFi, but it is not working.

The laptop can connect to the wireless network,
and it gets the IP, DNS and routes assigned via DHCP. But pinging to the router does not get any response.

I tried the wired connection (same router), and it works.
I tried the WiFi hotspot from my phone, and it works.
All other devices connected to the wireless network work.
There are no firewall rules in the AP or router blocking my laptop (again, it connects to the wireless network and DHCP works).
iptables is clean.

If it is a problem between the laptop and the AP, how can it get all the DHCP info?

If the problem is between the AP and the router, how do the other devices work fine?

If the problem is the wireless driver in Ubuntu, how does connection to the hotspot in the phone work?

I removed and recreated the WiFi configuration to my home network; it does not fix it. I also tested using a static IP.

I have no idea what this could be.
Any ideas?

Reposts appreciated. :-)

@atax1a Jajaja! Thanks! I'm using a few tricks, like writing it in a special BASIC and using a Harmony cartridge.

@atax1a Yeah, it's a game my daughter and I have been working on since forever!

It has been exactly one year since, together with thousands of other employees, I did not follow the infamous link sent by Elon Musk, and we were laid off from Twitter.

I won't make comments about that sad and tiny individual.

I only want to remember, salute and honor all the people I met during those 10 years at Twitter. I miss you all: you were a super capable and amazing group. So far, those had been the best 10 years of my professional career (of more than 25!).

I hope you are all doing well.

New book out :-) "Twittoons: One employee's cartoon chronicle of Twitter's accelerated descent". 86 pages in full color, >100 drawings (many of them not published anywhere yet), $12.90 (see link for price in your country). I hope you like it!

Prototype of a network card for 8-bit computers, based on the Atari 8-bit Ethernet Project but using an Olimex CS8900A-H board.

Hi! Being against Israel bombing civilians as retaliation isn't antisemitism. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Ken Thompson interviewed by Brian Kernighan at VCF East 2019, super fun and interesting!

@TonyPrintezis Definitely the colonoscopy, because I'll ask for full sedation!!! 😆

How do I know I'm getting old?
I just wrote a reminder for myself that says:

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