Classic computers, excluding quantum designs, are called Augmentation Units (AU/au in AngelSpeak). AngelSpeak expresses through various types of compilers; some of the most studied are biochemical (DNA), plasmodic (star plasma), and electromagnetic (radiology & radiochemical formats).

When used in conjunction with MasterOS, AngelSpeak expressions allow for building of Entities. Biological Machines (biomachina) are a type of entity. Animals are a form of biological machines in a Natural State formal. Animals augmented with computers are an advanced species.

Some Natural State Biomachina are multiform, such as the humankind entity, which developed as a combination; using DNA, plasmodic and electromagnetic principles.

MasterOS encodes & decodes functional builds for most Life in this realm, as currently understood, using Star System provisioning.

Planetary Systems are part of the Cosmological Class of Entity. Built using MasterOS.


That should be augmented species not advanced biological machine in the above. Edits here are giving 404 errors.

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