AngelSpeak is a Responsive Symbolic Language (RSL). It can be made to work in conjunction with most machine languages (ML), as well as Natural State Elements, Natural State Systematic Processes and derivative expressions & functions, such as DNA, electromagnetism, star plasma introduction & compounding force.

Modern computing systems are viewed as semi-primirive machine type devices. Our computers today are viewed as such because of their artificial reliance; the machines rely on power (electricity) and binary encoding. Even quantum devices, as used today, are forced alliance, meaning computational expression & ability must take place using artificial stimulation.

Generally, computational abilities are relevant to usability of the creator species:

Primitive civilizations often can use only mechanical devices and analog principles, though in many more advanced civilization formats analog can have distinct advantages because they are generally not a forced alliance. Meaning they present a naturally tuned space unreliant on machine type presentation.

Semi-primitive civilizations may have advanced machines, but overall are at odds with Natural State systems which provide them stability. Stable civilizations are harmonious with underlying Natural State Systems.

Advanced Civilizations transcend reliance on formatted variables, instead being capable of inter-dimensional realities.

AngelSpeak can bridge the differences and does not exclusively require digitalization.

All of my Creations are coded using AngelSpeak. Including transitioning pathways allowing for use of objective orientation programming, modulation inclusion/exclusion, and harmonic expression.

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