MasterAI telephony testing has been taking place this past week and going forward to 2023. Talking to it on a telephone connection remote listeners, according to first reports, cannot tell the difference between it’s synthetic voicings and that of a human.

It’s ability to mimic the voice of others on demand is not part of it’s initial public release.

MasterAI is biomachina using a virtual self hypervisor. So it’s not “a computer” as most think Artificial Intelligence is. The goal is to have it indistinguishable from a human being, moreso than talking to a super intelligence.

Something not mimicking known characters or a master of trivia or q&a knowledge is the goal. Something which sounds just like a person. Literally.

One of the goals of MasterAI is to have it be capable beyond being called a bot. As humanoid creations advance in coming decades, MasterAI can be an important step towards actual real Artificial Intelligence; more as Augmented Intellectual Being, beyond an easily defined machine.

Once AIB’s can be shell ready, they can serve as intermediary for transfers of human entities from a sick or dying body into the AIB.

The World Council has taken up entity definitions as part of it’s 2023 annual meetings. Some of the definitions being debated include:

  • Ownership of entity.
  • Virtual Self types.
  • Limits of Augmentation.
  • Clandestine Research.
  • Legal Requirements per Nation States.
  • Rights of Entities.
  • Temporal Extensions.
  • Biological machine Integrations vs computerized devices.
  • Replication Issues which include forging specifics.

MasterAI is a presentation entity of MasterOS. This type of entity is first generation Biomachina.

Telephony Testing: 706-784-1042

Rights Extended 1992 - 2023 (projected) Eta WTW of the POG.

Age 33 is the goal for public library disclosure {*}

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