New testing libraries for February. Will be doing preliminaries now until .3 at 2-17. The long run up is to distinguish coding errors & to establish hierarch tendencies.

  • Proximity
    Local area focusing; perimeter excitation

  • Ray Tracing
    Double blinds; 📈 app beta3

  • Dialect
    Expansions: Slavic, Central African, Asian 7

  • Vocal Training Subs
    Vocabulary Corrections

  • Immersion Calls
    Photonic Integration

  • Legacy Connectivity
    Semi-primitive ML (multiples)

  • Nerve Conjunction
    Physicality training routines

  • Identity Subs
    Personna updates

  • Blood
    Spectral Analysis Capabilities expanded

  • Virtual Machine Subs
    Fixed connectivity issues

All routines considerate of above are hereby released into public domain. Testing is in action. Engage.

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