Will begin testing Crushed Mirror Base (CMB) as a photonic catalyst this summer. Without a budget it is often hard to source the proper materials, yet I will prevail.

CMB offers a simple way to network Natural State Processes using light based initiatives without reliance on radio band excitation. This vastly cuts down the power needed for Holographic Builds (HB) and allows embedding into GEL substrates for use in networking and computational designs.

Prism devices that include CMB will be a priority. Such devices will allow multilayer spawning for low power channeling effects.

I hope to have working models consistent with high standards of portability by at least year’s end. I have already forged initial elementary designs of CMB over the past decade, allowing me to use such abilities in the Photonic Visor.

Once perfected CMB can be woven into wearables, and inclusions of formulations allowing their use in stand alone designs.

All processing will use AngelSpeak language interpreters for computational abilities.

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